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RT @AP_Politics: Japan's defense minister voices concern about a rising threat from North Korea, reports @robertburnsAP: https://t.co/QEnGRMuJIR
@tekoteco_63 ももちゃん、わかるわかる!ナチュラルな大井さん、ステキ💕 私、voicesでヘッドフォンしてるナチュラルな感じ好きだわー💕わかる?(^^;
Jokes aside, they sang the song really beautifully, ken and leo's voices ofc fit the song so well, bc of high tones
@TheAdamChance There are voices in my head...but they are Timeless! Home Free thank you!
RT @jimingucciboy: namjoon perdeu o passaporte (DE NOVO) KKKKKKKKKKKKKMKKK namjoon voices: DID YOU SEE MY PASSAPORTE?
RT @StevensHelga: Are we really letting this happening @EU_Commission? If so,then EU must stop lecturing other countries abt democracy https://t.co/GYgooSukya
RT @SarahKSilverman: If I see 1 more comment shitting on people who use their voices to help others I’m probably not gonna do shit. but still it’s annoying
RT @elpidiojsilva: Para Independent Rajoy es un golpista y compara su proceder con el franquismo. Volvemos al 1977. 30 años perdidos... https://t.co/BNounVrSR3
RT @foarctwales: Thank you for your support Vikki. The voices for the voiceless are getting louder. @CARIADCAMPAIGN @pupaid https://t.co/pbVgS8bpyq
RT @OzzieOssie: We the people...our voices will be heard again in 2018 and 2020. https://t.co/7IKEFZ6IeI
RT @JohnRapvinsky: Darren Espanto has one of the most beautiful voices in the music industry this time. I like him when belting high notes. It gives me aggghh.
Remembering the Holocaust: A conversation with Voices of the Generations founder, Julie Kohner https://t.co/LDLHNJVJdN
RT @IndyVoices: Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has staged a coup d’état against democracy in Catalonia https://t.co/Oy0IfhPpbR
I think Heechul's voice one of the best voices in Suju
RT @jeonghanhao: jeonghan and joshuas's voices together is a MASTERPIECE IM CRYING ;_; (i made a longer version aka Jihan duet of pi… https://t.co/2UOBP7hg5a
@dr_maheshsharma @incredibleindia @wef @PMOIndia @narendramodi @NamoApp @tourismgoi @PIB_India @MIB_India… https://t.co/PDITMUADMT
RT @sweetestchim: this is making me sad taiwan ARMYs singing born singer i hope bts heard their beautiful voices #WingsTourInTaipei https://t.co/JFD7WXLwIc
RT @tubianosa_elsie: @GVLanie24 @jefroxthegreat @lynieg88 @pinkyfaye @gah_zambrano @bourne_angel @iverlois @cel_viper @iamdaycruz… https://t.co/1j8RH24Iyu
RT @SJRTooting: Theresa May & Tories are PROUD of GENOCIDE of PALESTINIANS, Ethnic Cleansing on daily basis, Theft of land & WARS https://t.co/wT6rlOPqDG
RT @vodkawithjacob: everyone has that one celebrity where no matter how shitty of a day you have, just seeing their face or even hearin… https://t.co/Bun4YOkl1F
Govt has taken a good step saying a sustained dialogue with all voices in Kashmir will take place. This is the need of the hour.
RT @rudi_bee: ABC is launching a new $20K scholarship to develop regional writers and content makers in the disability community https://t.co/04xNkXJBxj
...You’re not alone in that sentiment, only that the ones who know it’s a big deal were & are being shut down so th… https://t.co/w9qgg18q3U