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RT @itsHIMYMquotes: HIMYM: I said a bang, bang, bangity bang... Me: I SAID A BANG BANG BANGITY BANG A BANG BANG BANG BANG https://t.co/ou96iUddCf
RT @SooFunnyPost: My teacher loses my work and still gives me a 0 https://t.co/iJMwn4eHJa
RT @BazzaDesigns: NEW #SideToSide inspired design added to our #DangerousWoman collection! ♡⚡️🚲 https://t.co/LXwjcws9wl https://t.co/LDRTPsm2fl
RT @beisbolpr: ¿La fanaticada de #LosNuestros🇵🇷 está ready pa'l juego de mañana? ¡Escribe tu mensaje! #TodosConPR
RT @QueenMCharts: #Fact @Madonna has performed Vogue on 6 of her tours, at the #VMA 1990, and at her performance during the halftime… https://t.co/Ao3jCRc6TN
I jus want a massage rn
RT @gothlatina: me: men calling women hoes and bitches is disgusting and inexcusable asap mob: I GOT HELLA HOES, I GOT HOES me: https://t.co/4vNfF1F4vi
Kanye taylor vma foi tao ridiculo e infantil kk se fosse com a fave de voces ou whatever, mas como eh com a taylor acham lindo *-*
Este video ganó un VMA, y no es de menos, para ser de hace 32 años, la vaina es como futurista. https://t.co/pYkpkYlSn9
RT @HBKIvie: I hate a somebody buy me this somebody buy me that ass bitch
RT @melaniepiedra: MISSING STUDENT. PLEASE RETWEET AND SHARE. https://t.co/Llf21AcIgL
RT @JabaliBarrett: Them: Wyd? Me: In bed.. *incoming FaceTime call* Me: https://t.co/KVwfo4JBWJ
RT @TheFitGawd: Her: “Babe look😭” Me: “haha yeah I seen that already” Her: https://t.co/ZAsj2t4MDw
RT @JalenOG: Literally no one thought about the United States when reading the first sentence. https://t.co/qrBTRQgM6n
@katiaxo__ I was thinking of getting that one ! I have combo skin tho I wasn't sure if it'd be good for meeee
RT @iamselenaja: @BubbaRams3 existindo EMA, AMA, Grammy, BMA, VMA, BAMBI e etc... vc acha msm um disney award importante? #JFCJustinBieber
RT @rodpocket: quem lembra quando lady gaga foi vestida de carne no VMA, ganhou, cantou born this way pela primeira vez e inventou… https://t.co/heOXMvkJHX
@sorryimcarla obg to pensando em transformar em quadro o episódio do vma
@hikaru20010130 それ思ったwまだ使ってたんだww
@vma_alpaca プロフ画まだありがたく使わせてもらってますよぉー