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RT @moneymanwes2: How many females can say they was a virgin at age 13 👀😭😴💤 Vintage long hooded coat Pure virgin wool Powder blue with navy block stripes
I've just watched episode S03E15 "Chapter Fifty-Nine" of Jane the Virgin
I cannot believe they killed Michael off of Jane the virgin. 😢😢😢
Amazing views of west Greenland flying from London to Seattle with Virgin Atlantic today #HelloSeattle
RT @SALINASSSSS_: rt if u a virgin
RT @MICHELLEPAJOUH: So glad I'm still a virgin
Best vacation of my life! Sailing in the British Virgin Islands. #SailingBVI #sailinglife #lifegoals
Seeing the amount of these "Virgin Killers", women are suddenly buying, I am now immensely concerned for virgins, stay safe out there guys!!
RT @lestersloveme: i am probably going to die a virgin lmao
@KISSOnline Did i tell you about the concubine Who really had it in for the Virgin-with-Child ?
Virgin? — Umm do you think I am?
All I really want in life is: my pup, coffee, adventures, to not get fucked over, and to not die a virgin. 🙃
@_karlrademacher exactly i hope that virgin suffers he really thought Lebum was beating the greatest team in NBA history LOL
@angrybird16755 i am an awkward 17 year old virgin. nothing about me screams a chance of getting pregnant
RT @Piclogy: Sunset at Virgin Islands | Photography by ©Jess Naylor
@MrTh3m3s No issues here. Seems it's everyone NOT in the 🇺🇸... sorry. Probably Virgin fault. That faggot ass CEO Wh…
+ that list. And truth be told, as much as we all wanted to have a virgin, I would have preferred it to be someone a + (@OlympicHellion)