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BLOG BUMPING OFF FAT VINNY by Morgan St. James Why would three authors want to kill their publishe #bookbloggers 28
RT @ashleywyndham: I took vinny to ulta and I turn around and he goes "oh shit they sell rolling papers too?!"
RT @konnect_africa: South African Vinny Lingham is a Global Entrepreneur & Young Global Leader
Prof Vinny Wade welcomes Minister @DenisNaughten to open the event #ADAPTexpo16
RT @brunahs_: vou voltar a dormir
strachu a hysterii a v hysterii delal chyby. Je za to vinny a zodpovedny. Na predchozi kritiku v zivote nekyvne, a to ani presto, ze delal..
RT @HighlandsKE: Do you like LOUD music in the office? RT after voting and let's settle this debate. #RefreshWithHighlandsWater
I don't usually do this, but I still love it, for a good cause.
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Forgot how much i hated getting the bus!!!!
RT @WineLatest: Which is better: New World wine or Old World wine? #Wine
nda da hambak 😆😃 @ Indomaret Kakaskasen 1
Ya allah ini PLN kenapa sih ??? Dri pagi listrik ndk hidup 😑😑 Dikiranya orng" gak butuh listrik kli smpai jam segini pun belum hidup" 😈😈😈
RT @Captain_Sheepy: *vinny vinesauce voice* "I must shoot"
*vinny vinesauce voice* "I must shoot"
RT @WorIdStarLaugh: Scott Storch remaking some of his most classic beats 🔥
RT @DiNu5050: बैठे बैठे बस यही सोच रहा था, क्या सच मे पाकिस्तान मे भी आतंकी हमला होता होगा ? या बम बनाते - उठाते गलती से फूट गया होगा।😅😅
RT @Its_me_lera: @Its_me_lera ему диагностировали 4 стадию рака, life is fucking unfair
As opposed to your "black centres" e.g Golden Acre having up to 2 Hungry Lion's and Frydays. Caba kuthiwa yifani ninye zi cholesterol nodwa
@Matthewjcrist @sarm0161 Just caught up on this. Brilliant. Also 'Either Vinny's fallen down the stairs or EastEnders has just finished' ha!
Predominantly white centres e.g Westville Durban having your Kauai's and Woolies Food, with free range / organic and healthy food