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@Rob_Coffins you can't, brother. too many distractions. you're talking about a generation that calls J Cole a GENIUS.
“Universal Basic Income: Utopian reaction to a Dystopian scenario” by Vinnie Mirchandani
Co-parenting "SHARENTING"- regular sharing of kids... Has it worked for you? - Vinnie and Jess
@Radaeli_Vinnie @SuporteSemWard nada contribui naquela carteirinha hauahauauau
👈🏾 this Girl, Vinnie Marshall is a Best Selling Author. You read it here first 🙂
RT @tinybuddha: “You must love in such a way that the other person feels free.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh
@vinnie_paz I guess I'm just thinking out loud and asking how do we make youth care about these issues through rap?
@vinnie_paz absolutely, if not more so than before, because it's closer to making a difference, in my opinion.
@Rob_Coffins you don't think "It Takes A Nation..." is relevant politically relevant today?
Some dopey doodle. I like the pope guy the most
In je nakie in een bollenveld Vinnie Ko verhuisde op zijn negentiende van Zuid-Korea naar #Groningen om te studere…
@Jackoverflow1n @cynicalpunk @vinnie Point is I would never drop it. No matter what. None of u get that abt me
サッチ、意外な組合せでのインタビュー。パート2まであり。 Guitarist Joe Satriani and Drummer Vinnie Paul (Part 1) | Metalhead To Head
RT @AbbyWehrman42: My biggest fear is that 2017 is gonna be just as bad as 2016. Like... I can't do this again, y'all.
I wonder if there's something Vinnie wouldn't like to be teased about? Hmmm. councilman mocked Asperger's aide
@vinnie_paz even political and social issue albums? Like PE/KRS etc, how does a younger person experience those like a person from that era?
Oooops! only 2 weeks until the premiere of VINNIE PAZ & ILL BILL's new album "heavy metal kings" on 29.4.11 in Zurich!
RT @ba_lock_ae: @1x0123 @vinnie @ret2libc So someone coming from Hackforum and got laughed out of LS vs someone who has clearly done stuff?
@r00tedpanda @cynicalpunk @vinnie what secrets, nothing I told u is a secret and the shit I did tell you won't come between me and her