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@satplex Going forward, only solution is 😁
RT @Andy4Villages: Crisis at County Hall. Resident swans Vinnie and Tess have left the nest. Bad weather has been a problem but a disr…
RT @NotGregoryM: @artiequitter @stress @Vinnie_Brand You look like a roast beef sandwich if I left it in my wallet for a year
@artiequitter @stress @Vinnie_Brand Na joking lol. . That dude ruined Podcasts he was on cuz had the frog voice.
@ManCityArmy1894 Vinnie and Yaya youth coaches David as assistant to Pep Kün as the attack coach
@sara63701904 @artiequitter @stress @Vinnie_Brand He was injured in a car accident. And needs a couch. Lol. No seriously was injured
@artiequitter @stress @Vinnie_Brand You look SO good! Nice job dude, I know it ain’t easy. ♥️🤙🏼✌🏼 Adore you to death Art 😘😘
I just hope these feelings & emotions make a good formula for good music
Hi.. it's me, vinnie. Vinnie isn't here, leave mention/DM if you miss me. Thanks~
RT @vtbflitsenwtf: Historische beelden: Maradona doet warming-up op 'Live is Life'
RT @mitchlafon: On This Day - April 19th 1985. KISS release Animalize Live Uncensored on VHS. It captures the band at their prime i…
RT @denzelcurry: Lupe Fiasco The Cool & Kanye West Graduation been on repeat a lot lately If you never heard these albums you sleep as fuck
RT @funnyordie: Nothing burns calories like FEAR! Just ask Vinnie Jones.
RT @mitchlafon: Spoke to Vinnie for an hour and a half today for my @WestwoodOne show - Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon. And that’s only…
I still got work to do though