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@vinnie_paz @chrisbobe @sean_rosati @RoldBoxing Thats a lot of love right there
@chrisbobe @sean_rosati @RoldBoxing you sure, nitwit?
Am adăugat un videoclip la o listă de redare pe @YouTube, Vinnie Paz "God Bless"
RT @SoniaPaw: *я, когда только зарегалась в тви* -Нужно придумать что написать, что бы это было интересно людям *сейчас* - ЛЯ РЕБЯТ Я ТУТ ХАВАЮ КОРОЧЕ ДА
RT @GirlPosts: When you go from IT to Lit
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@ljbickford13 Pic of Vinnie on the Beach
@vinnie_travi @nytimes It is his business. If he does not want to take their money and provide them goods he loses…
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@joelynnturner Vinnie A. is a f'cking monster :-)
I'm not lying, fuck 😂
Re-runs of its always sunny all night
Lol don't even bother talking to anyone
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RT @lungfiber: This is the best one I've seen
RT @ashleyxcannon: the chicago skyline is so fucking beautiful😭
RT @1future: I cherish every moment 🙌🏾
Ati io class imebounce
RT @TomArnold: If professional wrestling isn't real why have I spent the past hour watching Bobby "The Brain" Heenan videos quietly alone in my hotel room?