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What is it about the last six months of the year, it's always the most lit
RT @HoodrichJose: @Villematic___ Xbox junkie flyer than y'all boyfriends so uh what else is there to it ? I got you on anything ❤️🎱
Cats be homeless as fuck
@_Cleoooooo @YungMara I'm dead ass weak that bitch said I'm taken bye 😂😂😂
RT @YungMara: 💀💀💀💀
Cursing them out 1st next say so bitch what U wanna do
@_Cleoooooo milly Rock stoopid @YungMara can sing when she want
They don't sugar coat a damn n they always have Niggaas best interest
J. Cole - Villematic - Friday Night Lights Mixtape I need y'all to hear this
Love my new iPhone ❤️
RT @Dennis4Smith: Sit back, enjoy the ride it's Finna be a long year 🤘🏿 #VilleMatic
RT @IzzyIsOptimus: Imagine throwing everyone forward against Liverpool after seeing how they counter attack. Some fans are really brain dead
RT @itsFemz: Dead game..I'd take a point tho
RT @TaylorMade117: Skysports oversold this game. Sad ting.
RT @joeseus: "No I think Ander Herrera was right, I don't know anyone better than me in that position apart from Dani Alves"
RT @MrHamiltonian: We have bare players and we're still...sigh