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RT @grescoe: How about #bikeshare for #cargobikes? @copenhagenize tells me: 8 European already cities have it, natürlich.…
Apartment hunting in Vienna's 4th district far so good! #vienna #wien #austria
RT @Letters4America: DNA proved sperm from six immigrant family members found on rape victim. She wasn't Muslim, so she wasn't a person.
Austrian court blocks a new runway at Vienna airport - affirming citizens' rights to a clean environment:
#WWII 1 March 1941: King Boris of Bulgaria joins Axis Powers; signs Tripartite Pact in Vienna with Hitler. bio:
RT @RCIA_EU: The #RCIA_EU partners start their collaboration in Vienna on 1-3 March 2017. Read more at #interregeurope
@TomSchweighofer Thats important! I do not live in the center of Vienna. So, its also okay, and I have a garden, for planting pumpkins^^
RT @omv: .@IEA´s Laszlo Varro will talk about 'The Energy of the Future' at tomorrow's #NZZClub in Vienna. More info:…
Can you recommend anyone for this #job? Linux Administrator - #Government #Vienna, VA #Veterans #Hiring
@Vienna_PKM (이미 잠들어 버린듯싶다 )
@Lee_PKM ( 웅! 그냥 귀여운 냐스퍼! ) 헉, 설마 나를 뜯어 먹으려고? ( 살짝 거리를 둔다. )
@Vienna_PKM 움직이면 내가 잠을 못자 (뻔뻔하다)(놀렸더니 재밌는 반응이 나와서 즐거운모양)
🍻 NEU 🍻 Prost, neues Semester! Mit unserem neuesten Gutschein von Polkadot Vienna könnt ihr das neue Semester...
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RT @victoriaakramer: Thank you for the beautiful hours of my life!I hope there will be more!I'm so glad and thankful. @justinbieber…