Vie At Home

"Dislike being at home" keseke jpasse ma vie dans ma chambre
Season 3: Episode 2 dilanjut… 📺 Watching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 (w/ vie at Riptiaji's Home) —
seule at home c pas une vie😑
I liked a @YouTube video Kaori Kobayashi Live at Java Jazz Festival 2013
@scullygibsons YUP there were six nights in NYC and all of them sold out in a minute. Guess I'll just listen to her at home crying per usual
Having a brother in home when your mum isn't at home is not a good idea, okay. 😡😡😡
Welcome sweet home (at Perumahan Taman Kapuk Permai) [pic] —
I'm glad I'm home cause it would be hard to hear this at school
@Gem_KatFlorence told sb not to disturb me between Wednesday and Sunday. Enough food at home,no need for human interaction beyond twitter
I liked a guy at a family function few days back, he came home today with his wedding card & insisted I attend it. C'est la vie!
I'm trying to find my home sweet home ... This world isn't exactly what my heart expected... But at least I'm free... C'est la vie 🎶🎶
Dont try at home😁 vie_zto zackabachir @akmaltlembush @ Kramatwatu, Serang - Banten