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@shapertools What's the address for sending my bribe to get my hands on Origin early? Small or large bills? UPS or FedEx? Will someone sign?
@phmullins @shapertools Send me the files of whatever you want cut out and I'll send it to you. 😋
I've never been excited about power tools until now. @shapertools' Origin looks incredible. Just pre-ordered one.
@misterarnie @morepeoplehappy @adalrifai After a year and change, you guys haven't lost it. Show's great and keeps getting better. Thanks!!
RT @RikerGoogling: oompa loompa planet of origin
@MisterInvisible That would've been awesome. Now I'm thinking of doing the same with our old piano...
In which I record audio from a 1905 pump organ to play it back via an Arduino when certain keys are pressed.
@HeroProc Whoa. You’re right, there’s gonna be some backlash in July.
@HeroProc Wait, currently active copies *expire* in July?
@llaffer2 @adafruit Whoops! I meant the last for 2015. D’oh!
@timseppala What I really mean is yes.
@timseppala @adafruit Yes. I mean no. I mean oops.
Correction: Last order *before* 2016. People have alerted me my typo made me from the future.
This is my last order on @adafruit for 2016. I swear.
I am Alexis, destroyer of soldering irons.
@sparkdevinc @adafruit Thanks! How does UPS feel about rechargeable lithium ion batteries?
Makers out there, have you traveled with home made electronics projects on airplanes? How does the TSA feel about them? cc: @adafruit
My bushy 'stache is no more. Well, it's been trimmed, that is. I don't usually take/post selfies, but...
@BenjaminAhr @tjborden Also, that hashtag is a scary, scary thing.
@BenjaminAhr @tjborden I think that’s often when it’s most needed. When people think they live in paradise and that their ways are superior.