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@stevecoady no one gave a shit about the jays during the vernon wells days
Reminder: Jason Grilli was drafted between Troy Glaus and Vernon Wells
2011 Topps Chrome Red Refractor #64 Vernon Wells… Vernon Wells Los Angeles Angels Card 5b4
@vaswani_ this is more fun than when we used to look at the Vernon Wells hatred advisory system
Retweeted Vernon Wells (@VernonWells10): Note to self..speak out, be bold in what you believe but rest assured,...
John McDonald, Eric Hinske, Shaun Marcum, Vernon Wells, Gregg Zaun, Halladay, Rios. I can go on
@Jared_Carrabis uhhh duhhh vernon wells uhhh
@Jared_Carrabis @darin_mckay @hargy15 woo they were fans when Alex rios and Vernon wells roamed the turf at Rogers
Director Miller in #DeusExMankindDivided is voiced by Plughead (Vernon Wells)!
Just found out that Vernon Wells Ransik from PRTF appears in the new game Deus Ex: Mankind Devided,
Hosmer is joining the list of Vernon Wells, Robbie Cano, Hideki Matsui as guys who just crush the sox at Fenway
@pinstripealley I'll never forget the other year I was in Baltimore and saw a guy wearing a Yankees Vernon Wells shirsey
@williamnyy23 if Vernon wells could get traded, twice, Ellsbury can be moved
@egoldie80 drafting OSU players not the answer Vernon Gholston Beannie Wells Robiske Troy Smith etc etc just need to draft GOOD PLAYERS!
RT @Th3CoachT: 2016 1: Decatur 2: Stephenville 3: Granbury 4: Gainesville 5: Vernon 6: Kennedale 7: Mineral Wells 8: Castleberry 9: Lake Worth 10 D.H.J
RT @cam_gordon: Eavesdropping on a three-way chat between Vernon Wells, Michael Young and Chipper Jones #MLB #OnlyOnTwitter
@AndrayDomise Especially if you're introducing yourself to Vernon Wells.
@AndrayDomise Happy birthday... And in fairness to the Jays thing, you do share a passing resemblance to the handsome Vernon Wells.
@XANDERCAGEVEVO they could get Vernon Wells but couldn't contact couple czech actors in hollywood
RT @LookAtThemNow1: Vernon Wells (69) who played Lord General in the comic science fiction film #WeirdScience #30YearsAnniversary
Who's the better defensive center fielder? Vernon Wells in his prime or Kevin Pillar? #BlueJays
PennLive - Police arrest Wells Fargo bank robbery suspect - Robert Vernon Holmes, 38, no fixed address, has bee...
@TravisRodgers @_ericdavis_ Bad contracts? Vernon Wells, Jon Konchak, Pujols (4 duration at his age) STL was a little smarter on that one!