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@stevecoady no one gave a shit about the jays during the vernon wells days
Reminder: Jason Grilli was drafted between Troy Glaus and Vernon Wells
2011 Topps Chrome Red Refractor #64 Vernon Wells… Vernon Wells Los Angeles Angels Card 5b4
@vaswani_ this is more fun than when we used to look at the Vernon Wells hatred advisory system
Retweeted Vernon Wells (@VernonWells10): Note to self..speak out, be bold in what you believe but rest assured,...
John McDonald, Eric Hinske, Shaun Marcum, Vernon Wells, Gregg Zaun, Halladay, Rios. I can go on
@Jared_Carrabis uhhh duhhh vernon wells uhhh
@Jared_Carrabis @darin_mckay @hargy15 woo they were fans when Alex rios and Vernon wells roamed the turf at Rogers
Director Miller in #DeusExMankindDivided is voiced by Plughead (Vernon Wells)!
Just found out that Vernon Wells Ransik from PRTF appears in the new game Deus Ex: Mankind Devided,
Encarnacion Passes Vernon Wells for 3rd on Jays Home Run List (via
Hosmer is joining the list of Vernon Wells, Robbie Cano, Hideki Matsui as guys who just crush the sox at Fenway
@pinstripealley I'll never forget the other year I was in Baltimore and saw a guy wearing a Yankees Vernon Wells shirsey
@williamnyy23 if Vernon wells could get traded, twice, Ellsbury can be moved
@egoldie80 drafting OSU players not the answer Vernon Gholston Beannie Wells Robiske Troy Smith etc etc just need to draft GOOD PLAYERS!
RT @Th3CoachT: 2016 1: Decatur 2: Stephenville 3: Granbury 4: Gainesville 5: Vernon 6: Kennedale 7: Mineral Wells 8: Castleberry 9: Lake Worth 10 D.H.J
Encarnacion Passes Vernon Wells for 3rd on Jays Home Run List (via
RT @cam_gordon: Eavesdropping on a three-way chat between Vernon Wells, Michael Young and Chipper Jones #MLB #OnlyOnTwitter
@AndrayDomise Especially if you're introducing yourself to Vernon Wells.
@AndrayDomise Happy birthday... And in fairness to the Jays thing, you do share a passing resemblance to the handsome Vernon Wells.
@XANDERCAGEVEVO they could get Vernon Wells but couldn't contact couple czech actors in hollywood
RT @LookAtThemNow1: Vernon Wells (69) who played Lord General in the comic science fiction film #WeirdScience #30YearsAnniversary
Who's the better defensive center fielder? Vernon Wells in his prime or Kevin Pillar? #BlueJays
PennLive - Police arrest Wells Fargo bank robbery suspect - Robert Vernon Holmes, 38, no fixed address, has bee...