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@hannahsedgwick_ @HattieeInsolee verified πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Closed Sell 1.1 Lots EURUSD 1.06257 for -4.7 pips, total for today -4.7 pips #MAM #Order #ProfitMaker #SafetySystem #Verified
Closed Sell 1.1 Lots EURUSD 1.06398 for +10.0 pips, total for today +10.0 pips #MAM #Order #ProfitMaker #SafetySystem #Verified
Closed Sell 1.1 Lots EURUSD 1.06422 for +10.8 pips, total for today +10.8 pips #MAM #Order #ProfitMaker #SafetySystem #Verified
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@andy71smith Hi Andrew! We cannot guarantee this, however please note that you will be verified once our operations have confirmation.
@LowthChris @alex_crook yes chris look at those retweets, your officially twitter famous πŸ˜‚ #verified
@ToughDaria hey when did you get verified on instagram? Just noticed πŸ˜€
RT @DJIKELOVE: MAKE SURE YOU TUNE INTO @DanjahOne @DJDarkfada & @DJIKELOVE Thursday's 3pm et/ 12 noon pt on The Foxhole Midday MIX…
I just earned the 'Verified Adventure (Level 12)' badge on @untappd!
@VivaReverie WOW! Viva Reverie. You have a Verified Name on to you're Channel Listed.
@Niickmccarthy @HattieeInsolee sorry forgot that u were a verified legend
@verified We are looking to verify this account. Can you follow us for the ability to DM? Thank you.
RT @trendinaliaIT: 8 verified accounts helped to turn 'Campotosto' into a Trending Topic. Some of them: @repubblicait, @GianGinoble & @RadioRadicale β€” #trndnl
Day 2 listening to @nprfreshair on way home. Verified signs of maturity. More juvenile podcast are fading.…
[f]18 Deleted my old account for safe measures, thought might aswell get verified
@seldo @ZachBernardFW Why can’t the consuming public just get verified FACTS. We don’t need opinions or unverified information.
RT @MarkYoungTruth: #BluntForceTruth is a huge success & my account is still not @verified. Retweet this & help us get the word out to the Twitter overlords.
RT @KilloughCNN: Just a reminder: CNN did not publish specific details from the memos bc they could not be independently verified
RT @becki_p20: Victim speaks about abuse he suffered at the hands of James Alefantis. Account verified to be his #PizzaGate
I just earned the 'Verified Adventure (Level 16)' badge on @untappd!
Again, why am I not verified yet?