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RT @enchantale: 👑 Verified 👑 Ariana Eugenia Clark of Springbell as Clergy. 2C - 300A.
RT @GrimmKardashian: i dont care if im verified on twitter, im verified in the eyes of the god! :) the only thing i wanna retweet is the word of our lord!
#Viralbollywood is now Verified with 166,476 subscribers on #Youtube, Thank you all for the support, we hope you ke…
RT @samirsaran: Unfortunately #fakenews and #Pakistani handles really not needed. Verified Indian handles across the spectrum do th…
@TheAuthorGuy @LeiLaniLucero Your jesus light up shoes only seem to work in verified areas. We still want a townhall. @RepMikeCoffman
When twitter pushed a verified account to the top of trumps tweet that just goes on a rant about stupid shit
Dj Khalid's infant son is verified on Instagram. Just let that one sink in.
@Mark_Sanborn -on twitter lots of fakes, search your name for instance. Lots! You need a verified symbol. I've learned to look for it.
32 verified accounts helped to turn 'Rot-Rot' into a Trending Topic. Some of them: @SPIEGELONLINE, @tagesschau & @zeitonline — #trndnl
『 @Ljggsk verified as Lee Jongsuk 』 may your tulip grows in fleurgency 💐
RT @verified: If you think your account should be verified – let us know! Check out our article to learn what it takes to apply.
@iFunnyChef I have an original 143k and 54k instagram can you dm me about being verified?
11 verified accounts helped to turn #27marzo into a Trending Topic. Some of them: @RaiNews, @RaiRadio2 & @giuliainnocenzi — #trndnl
[VERIFIED✔] DONGHYUK @iKON_DYK ☆ 동혁. ☆ 김동혁. ☆ 1997년 03월 01일. ☆ 아이콘 댄서와 보컬
RT @peterdaou: What I've learned today: To be a verified political account on the right, you need lots of insults, no facts, and abundant condescension.
RT @JermaineWatkins: Why is Bobby Brown like the only member of New Edition whose Twitter account is not verified?
[VERIFIED✔] YOOA @OMG_YSA95 ☆ 유아. ☆ 유연주. ☆ 1995년 09월 17일. ☆ 오마이걸 댄서와 보컬.
The combination of "verified" sign and a FOLLOWS YOU next to it is 💕💕💕
@DinDuarte dá pra vc tentar o verified do twitter com isso ai
RT @TheOfficePicts: The whole cast is verified except Toby IM DYING😂
why isn't @bernardokath a verified account on twitterrrrrrrrr?? yoooo TWITTER?
RT @SaundiD: 🙏 @narendramodi ji As @brahmakumarisHQ handle is nt verified SAME it's learnings r nt incredible😉 श्री RAM/Krishna…