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@realDonaldTrump @NBCNews no LEAKan DECLASSIFIED VERSION was given to over 500 million people.. DO YOUR BRIEFINGS AND YOU WOULD KNOW
@lalalalinder @sgerrets @rzuaslan Nee, maar zelfs daar was het volgens Verhagen ook het betaansrecht, dus helemaal bij betaalde media.
Cabaret Kwis - Somebody that Verhagen used to know - PAU!L 14-01-12 HD via @YouTube
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RT @HettyVroonhoven: Respect voor collega's in de (wijk)zorg die ook met winters weer de weg op gaan om hun werk uit te voeren! @SavantZorg #gladheid
Renee Teeuwsen Heidi Verhagen-Veltkamp Lisette Stoter Theo Jansen Lucia Takusova Toine Ketelaars Twan van...
RT @UberFacts: The universe is slowly dying— the energy output of over 200,000 galaxies is only about half of what it was 2 billion years ago.
@Jeremy_Verhagen bruh, cant tell you how many times sumbody came at me w those and got a hand slap and walk away
@Jeremy_Verhagen it's always on you, but when you you wanna succeed it's important to do what's necessary and often that means asking 4help
@travis_1996 and then it only takes someone who has the handshake package of fist bumps and dap ups and your in a bit of a conundrum there
@Jeremy_Verhagen I only offer a standard handshake or the handshake pull in for a hug. #2optionsisplenty
RT @Madness2017: Nevada trailed New Mexico 90-76 with just over a minute left last night. What happened next was one of the most ins…
RT @WhatHeLooksLike: Stan Van Gundy looks like the cartoon chef you find on generic pizza boxes.
RT @WhatHeLooksLike: Ben McAdoo looks like 2 kids in a trench coat wearing a fake mustache pretending to be an adult.
RT @DwightFalse: If anyone tries lecturing me tomorrow