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RT @TheMattWain: Definitely agree with this, antisemitism needs to be routed out, but it needs people acting in good faith, rather t…
Como lo escuchó en #Vendetta : Atmosphere - You
RT @tim4hire: @danicamclellan This is the Elections Commissioner, operating independently of the Government, enforcing a law requ…
@LesDaChef @LehlaDavhy Being chased by Mzwakhe from Zola over a high school vendetta.
#دعوه_لسعود_الفيصل الله يرحمه ويعظم اجره فخر العرب
RT @mariainesiaf: Have you heard ‘HeartLess x holympo - Vendetta (prod. bapcat)’ by Andamento Records on #SoundCloud? #np
Como lo escuchó en #Vendetta : Jurassic 5 - Work It Out ft. Dave Matthews Band
RT @BScomunidad__: ¿Quereis una competicion gratuita con premio? Reventar a RT y nos ponemos a ello. 😏😏
RT @Kasyou3roshieru: 【お知らせ】今年初配信! 1/19(土)20:30〜21:30予定 スマホアプリ『ヴェンデッタ』のプレイ配信をペリスコープから配信するよー♪ コメント待ってます☆ サーバー:ベルザブ 勢力:イージス #ヴェンデッタ…
@elpaella Hey man! Algo de lo más fresco de mex. 🎤 Papatinho - Hadrian ft LitKillah 🎤#Vendetta #Skrrrt
RT @elpaella: Como lo escuchó en #Vendetta : Go - Sandra 💔
RT @timesofindia: Vijay Mallya can’t stay in UK by making political vendetta claims: Judge
Claims of 'political vendetta' fiction of Mallya's imagination: PMLA court - Daily News & Analysis
@EspeonLover14 I don't think she is a racist because she's not letting them get to Atlas. She's carrying out a ven…
Como lo escuchó en #Vendetta : Go - Sandra 💔
RT @mariainesiaf: Have you heard ‘HeartLess x holympo - Vendetta (prod. bapcat)’ by Andamento Records on #SoundCloud? #np
@NBCDFW This is proof all @NancyPolosi @ @chuckschumer care nothing about OUR Country & only their sick vendetta ag…
とりあえず自分はここでキープかな(*・ω・) 刻印レベル7に上げれるようになるまではもう回さないぞw
RT @rohini_sgh: The @BJP4India can’t even execute its vendetta properly. After the flop show at Karnataka, another embarrassment.
hey @deusdaecon4 will you ever cover the good resident evil movies Degeneration, Damnation and Vendetta?
へへっ、アレハンドロとハウス出たぜ… 最初に6揃ったクラシファイドはプレデターでした レジェンダリーいってみたら周りが強かったんだろうけどクリア出来た プレデターの継続ダメージ割と高難易度だといいのでは