Tweets about a recent trend: Vegemite

@Vegemite what a shame but thank you for getting back to me
@thistledo4 thanks for getting in contact. Unfortunately the Personalised Jar promo finished at KMART in Jan. All the best for your function
@Boeufblogginon Not this little Vegemite. Wish I could go back to ADSL - had less problems
@Notorious_NYG @paulkidd it’s all about titration of the butter and Vegemite until you find the perfect ratio
@RappersRActors they gotta be eating performance enhanced Vegemite.
vegemite mixed with bleach is my perfect sunday snack (NOT Tuesday)
Tanner Krebs cuts through the VCU defense like a hot knife through vegemite and the Gaels are up by 17! #GoGaels
I have gained a tiny bit of respect for Justin Bieber only because he likes Vegemite #sorry
@smcgaels plenty of vegemite for everyone?
I eat so much vegemite I'm basically Australian now and will greet you, "G'die mite" anytime.
@mitskileaks you ever gonna come to Australia? Ill get you some Vegemite
I eat so much vegemite that I hurt my gum.
What pour petit dejeuner today? Sure, vegemite-and-cheese sandwich!
@paulkidd It's delicious, my favourite breaky is Vegemite on toast. Been eating it almost everday since childhood.
Chisme! Justin Bieber tried Vegemite – and he actually liked it - Cosmopolitan
To our International students - Justin tried it in Manly, so should you.
i want vegemite toast and a soy cap
Justin Bieber goes on a Sydney Maccas run, talks tattoos with local kids - 9TheFIX
@jedi43 @BeerbongGinn @mApplinator @Casual_Ranger @SunnyBunny251 @Sigtric they mightn't like vegemite, bet they'd like timtams tho
@TheJoeLynch @Vegemite @rivetting hahahaha!!! I'll take if off your hands. So delicious.