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vegemite =top 10 luv songs
I’ll eat a whole ass jar of Vegemite and a whole tray of Tim Tams just so you can spit in my fucking mouth
RT @LoveLHMelovin: твиттер такое прекрасное место люди могут долго общаться а потом кто-то спрашивает а сколько тебе лет? - мне 22 -…
RT @onion_jack_: прохожу мимо детсада девочка: ААААААА воспитательница: алина, не кричи, горлышко болеть будет алина: алина: ААААААА настроение алина
@JonahMarais Vegemite toast is the best 🤷‍♀️
#ImTornBetween Vegemite or Marmite, Which one would you have?
@Kieran94G @apickin666 @stanthelegz @BellatorMMA Imagine him vs Adesanya though. Izzy would turn him into vegemite
@erstkate We are still in bed talking about an omelette... but vegemite would do right now...
@BriarBush Now I am craving vegemite
Aussies love toast for breakfast, whether that’s with Vegemite, avocado, or peanut butter and jam. But overdoing it…
@Valress @Louise_mtn_wmn @GlamLawyer @Zoodlemouse13 Can't get Vegemite here but I'm curious xD
@luxasaurusrex Yes! Turds on toast... that’s exactly what vegemite is... to the tee 😂
@SeamusBlackley Mmm with too much butter and vegemite! You knead to listen to this while baking. @swedemason
@luxasaurusrex I got into a bit of a disagreement over which is better - peanut butter vs vegemite. The comparison…
He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich
@JerriesVaporium Vegemite!! 🤣 Is there a story behind this or u just not interested whatsoever?
@Valress @Louise_mtn_wmn @RagingRainbow @Zoodlemouse13 I don't know anything about vegemite. Never heard of it asaik.
Happer Bemirthday @eff_yeah_steph ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ As we say here in Australia: “May a kangaroo land in your front pa…
Too true, crumpets are yummy. Try them with honey and if you want to be adventurous mash up a banana and spread it…
@rogertansey @CyrusMMcQueen I’m deferential to Vegemite!
@EatingAsia @Femme_Mal Hey I take vegemite everywhere I travel and I eat it with eggs all the time. Doesn’t get muc…