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Tapi Valentine's nanti Persona 5 keluar. Am waiting for that game to come out.
@QtCDior28: Aw! That's AWESOME! 😎 I'd seen the original "My Bloody Valentine" OnDemand a while back. JA of "SPN" was in the remake. ❤ xoxo
RT @hertigk12: Ms. Valentine: is that gum in your mouth? Kareem: no....... It's a chewy cough drop
@alexrosecalabro no cuz when it's Valentine's Day you'll only have a month till u c me 🌞
Bon Jovi is coming to Birmingham near Valentine's Day? Operation snag a cute boy is officially in full swing.
Best date? — Sadly with my ex on Valentine's Day last year.
If Overwatch has a Valentine's Day event next year will Hanzo get a Cupid skin...?
RT @WDXJH97: ⌁  ˖͛∙  Jung Jaehyun Valentine's boy ♡̶       (🎹) Type A | 1997년 2월 14일  ,﹢∙        ϟ ° visual of #AliceinWonder  ⌒
Whoever my boyfriend is for Valentine's Day is gonna be lucky 😩😩
"Valentine's .ay is when a lot of mapried men are reminded what a poor shot Cupid really is."
"hi im dying and im trying to order my favorite flowers for my funeral which is on valentine's day. they need to be carnations."
Don't envy me~ By the way,February 14,isn't Valentine's day.ok ok~ haha~ BBBBBBBBBB~ February also have a B,u don't not happy.
RT @jackieoleroy: Literally the only reason I'm excited for Valentine's Day this year is because of Fifty Shades Darker
Here's how I win in life... I get Christmas, my bday in January and Valentine's Day in February
I liked a @YouTube video from @BBkv22 BB Ki Vines- | Valentine's Week Hutiyapa |
Tell me why I do this every Valentine's Day lmfao expect last year somebody actually secretly sent me chocolate cov…
Oh Girl can you be my girl That's what I want you to be Ain't a dog in me Be my valentine My valentine My valentine girl ♬JYJ-VALENTINE
The Cruelest Valentine's Prank You Would Ever Come Across
Apparently holding breath to pass out during Trump's remarks at the Al Smith charity dinner. #AlSmithDinner #Trump
RT @Hooligan0295: I've watched Bruno's new interview! OMG! He is so perfect!!!! 😍😍😍❤❤❤
RT @worthy4corey: my goal is to be cuffed around valentine's day and staying in a happy relationship