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@bhadley16 Ok I get it 😂 are you more Utes or more Aggies though? I am Jazz and Aggies through and through. It pain… https://t.co/NLaIMH1Otv
😂 So apparently.... 11 wins in 2012 9 wins in 2013 and 10 in 2014 isn’t good enough for our little Brother Utes t… https://t.co/tLPx6ZMGW7
“[in 1979] Penn.’s Three Mile Island suffered its meltdown, the Church Rock spill in New Mexico sent millions of ga… https://t.co/sTUyQYELSh
This season the Utes will have played 11 of 14 games againsf opposing teams nicknamed after animals: -3 huskies -3… https://t.co/f1DCMGnj5G
@PapaSmurfUTE @SuperWahsum @jdartute @johncoonsports Coon the Aggies don't want an annual series stop saying they d… https://t.co/ZL5x5PYhT3
I see he takes the Ball family approach of not going past half court on defense? https://t.co/sGC6r4R5Ys
@utes_pac12 @msargent88 Oh I agree he works hard and is always prepared. I just wish he stuck to more play by play… https://t.co/ju8n4ZF9Qc
@SBartle247 How about a way too early summary of the 2019 PAC 12 Champion Utes
Jared from UEN here. Good to have you back in #utedchat @DaniKSloan. Are there other bowls this year besides the… https://t.co/VItXd1avtr
My name is Dani - I work for @UENpd and am on the @ucet Board. I'll be cheering for my Utah Utes and anyone playing… https://t.co/J6ZbjRKMj7
@DBHam2 If this happens, they'd be foolish not to go to the mwc. (Assuming they give G5 an auto bid)
RT @bronsonandrus19: Thankyou @Utah_Football for giving me the opportunity to play at the next level! Go Utes! https://t.co/HvYswL2NY0
@msargent88 @ColeSwan He is extremely annoying. But, I respect him for always being prepared. You can tell he works… https://t.co/itS5BMNeJH
Squadron run at 06, okay cool Deck of cards at 11, sure why not Boot & Utes run at 1430, IM READY TO GO HOME
@teamzissou @thicknougat @JasonIsbell I love how he threw out some insults then promptly blocking me- basically pro… https://t.co/jLR5QeeqvN
Utes need to develop a reputation for developing NFL guys on offense like they do on defense.
RT @sltribsports: Graduate transfer Sarah Porter has quickly become a shooting star for the unbeaten @UTAHWBB team, but she isn't att… https://t.co/nL4SPCwcAV
RT @WeberStateWBB: PREVIEW: We're gonna take on the University of Utah Saturday check out the preview here - https://t.co/O2AvlAeIJP #WeAreWeber #BigSkyWBB