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RT @tatatatatanyee: 愚かな後輩よ。確かに「違う種類のおにぎりを3つ買ってきて」と言ったがなんで形状の話やと思ってん! https://t.co/gZQPOkWfCV
RT @KITAPONG: よく間違えられるけど…夏目友人帳OPは2ndシングルで、喜多はペルソナtsのOPデビューなので…トリニティソウルの事も忘れないでくだしゃい!3を原案にしてて、結構ダークだけど面白いよ★子安武人さん、沢城みゆきさん、岡本信彦氏が3兄… https://t.co/jflleSVkrd
@KirstyWebeck Or you did too many squats and you were exhausted? Or you have an obsession with the undercarriages o… https://t.co/enTrBEMTSe
@ColeSwan Utes 04 and 08 to pac12 maybe...
Utes, Australia's favourite car once again https://t.co/n66MarlAou
RT @FastCompany: Clinton’s words from one of the presidential debates were chillingly accurate https://t.co/lo04togSC2
levi’s hoodie matched with the utes hat in the back and i didn’t even notice that until now, so it’s my caption bec… https://t.co/3HqKIGvwnF
The Utes are gonna have the best running back core they’ve ever had this upcoming season 🤘🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼👌🏼✊🏼 https://t.co/p8VwdruMFX
RT @CFBScout: #1 RB in Louisiana 3-Star PowerHouse Aaron Williams 5’9’ 186” out of Salmen High School, LA is very interested in t… https://t.co/rhEypQpTcm
Ram, the pick-up truck specialist brand owned by Fiat Chrysler, plans to launch an all-new one-tonne ute. It will b… https://t.co/TiqUz3Dbez
RT @EricLiptonNYT: This was one of Pruitt's first major acts as EPA administrator. Killing EPA data collection effort on methane emiss… https://t.co/Va3labqGLG
this cya real jah, Argen3na have the utes a write paragraph, @leomessi a wa gwaan? https://t.co/lAHKDkYYeu
@utes_pac12 @PapaSmurfUTE Still being loudly supportive of Trump at this point tells me a lot more about a person t… https://t.co/bYn0R4dWJj
RT @ryanstruyk: Trump says North Korea denuclearization "has already started taking place," while sitting next to Mattis, who said… https://t.co/xnW13L0MYz
RT @Patbagley: What is lost on Trump supporters is the number of undocumented immigrants actually fell by more than a million unde… https://t.co/jaCHzzBc3r
RT @Inland_Sports: Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham talks about former Utes DE/LB Kylie Fitts, who's now with the Chicago Bears!… https://t.co/90yibGDlgt
Oh man... I wanted the Jazz to take Tony Carr. That guy killed the Utes in the NIT..... I was super impressed wtih… https://t.co/eYX9m0GYo1
@HomeFreeGuys I need your help! The University of Utah Veterans Support Center wants to hold a concert to commemora… https://t.co/CE6FkEBy2A
RT @raleek2: I would like to thank the man above. I am truly blessed to receive an Offer from @UUtah Thank you @UtahCoachWhitt ,… https://t.co/NbpqNf1PtC
Anyone know about how bull-bars are legal on vehicles in NZ? Seems that https://t.co/54sBHWQHEn implies they mostly… https://t.co/WhqP6olK8u