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RT @LCFC: #lcfc’s first @premierleague strike for a decade ✅ Two in the famous 5-3 win over Man Utd ✌️ ‘Earthquake Goal’ agai… https://t.co/cldf9LRVaQ
@Vick_utd @utdxtra We just have to support them.. On matter what....Cos we're @ManUtd #MUFC_FAMILY
@Waitey_Gooner Remember when we used to get excited about the Arsenal / Utd rivalry to see who was gonna win the le… https://t.co/utI1hsGBUI
Man Utd legend Wayne Rooney hailed for INCREDIBLE assist in MLS: ‘Prime Pirlo’ https://t.co/qiBKDOfhFi
Ditanya Soal Pogba, Presiden Barcelona Diam Seribu Bahasa https://t.co/4uIJL6RoCZ (BolaNet) https://t.co/qLL9eLiTPr
RT @utdxtra: Wayne Rooney chases down the ball in the final minute of the game, wins it back with an unbelievable challenge, sen… https://t.co/MLUG4A8GA3
@secretsexpot Morning you little devil 👹
@ZakieShidi_ @lhkims_ Hahahahaha aummm. Tu man u tu ingt kan man utd rupanya ade "," kat tgh 🙊
Man Utd news: Alan Shearer issues Real Madrid and Chelsea warning about Jose Mourinho - https://t.co/h0fvGUg9Ka https://t.co/c5Gw9XLhfM
RT @Squawka: Alexis Sánchez lost possession more times (23) than any other Man Utd player against Leicester. Even José Mourinho… https://t.co/NJJ2yAJOwI
RT @bet365: The goal on his Everton debut The hat-trick on his Man Utd debut Ending the 49 game streak The volley vs Newcastle… https://t.co/Nn721VQMvK
@KacTRud W United zadebiutował jeszcze za Fergusona jako 19 latek, zagrał wtedy kilkanaście meczów, strzelił nawet… https://t.co/2uwOINSVCA
@TeleFootball @JWTelegraph I hate Utd and Jose but what is the point of this article? Why should jose worry about B… https://t.co/VO7WZ4em0J
@Kayy11_ You wasn't saying that last year when man utd beat West ham 4-0 at home in the beginning of the season...
@AbdulelahMaj بدييييت !!!!!! انت لسى بتبدا يابني !!!
@CodedPancaro Funny enough that guy no be Barça fan e fit be Man Utd cos una own no good again...
"It's not that Pogba is bigger than the club or any of that horse shit... They are doing well to have Pogba."… https://t.co/spzJ6Oscbh
@PeterScholes55 @BBCSport We played them befor the take over in the fa trophy we beat them 6-1 i think they wore or… https://t.co/4Xc8R3Zd7C
@KojoManchester @utdxtra I fucking love you for that statement... United players play like overpampered princesses.… https://t.co/3yUvqzWsuR
RT @OptaJaya: 500 - Liverpool catatkan kemenangan ke-500 di Liga Primer, menjadi klub keempat yang menorehkan catatan tersebut se… https://t.co/0zPNObLcIj
Man Utd news: Alan Shearer issues Real Madrid and Chelsea warning about Jose Mourinho https://t.co/oy9FMztMW0https://t.co/9JbnMeex4o
RT @ManUnitedWorld: 15 years ago today Sir Alex signed a young Cristiano Ronaldo after an impressive performance in pre-season. Fergie… https://t.co/3KGBQ7Yh1k