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Auburn Softball Weekend Preview 17-19 March 2017: USF Tournament #AuburnFast #Auburn #WarEagle #WDE #WarDamnEagle
(قل أرأيتم إن كان من عند الله ثم كفرتم به من أضل ممن هو في شقاق بعيد) [فصلت:52]
@ovi_usf @MeenalBhalla since you support kashmiri cause so much they will be like "send her to Kashmir"
@maryamls4 هههههههههه اعوذو بالله 😂
RT @TampaOaks: @mbt3thlist شقة للتنازل في تامبا، غرفة وصالة وحمام وغرفة غسيل، بالقرب من جامعة USF متبقي من العقد ٣ اشهر،السكن جديد…
@unmaibo Frostbiteだったはずですよ
RT @usfmatt: This year for Perez? 2-0 (2 saves) 0.00 ERA, 9.1 innings, 4 hits, 3 walk and 15 strike outs. .129 average against him #USF
RT @usfmatt: Probably the biggest turn around is for Andrew Perez, here are some stats he has posted #USF
@MeenalBhalla i dont know...😂@owaisbhat41 tell her man...
@USF_NAVARONE UEの新しいやつですか?
@maryamls4 الي عاليمين واحد ولا وحده ؟ 😐
Nur die Harten usw. usf.: BBC crew caught in Mount Etna eruption -
@ovi_usf Why will the bhakts give it to me ? @owaisbhat41
@MeenalBhalla not if they give it to you...😜 @owaisbhat41
(إن أول بيت وضع للناس للذي ببكة مباركا وهدى للعالمين) [آل عمران:96]
@MeenalBhalla it is like our passport... makes you a citizen of kashmir.....right to live here and all that...@owaisbhat41
RT @HadiyaMirr: "It's what's inside that makes you beautiful" *Demon possessing my body blushes*.
#USF Details of Brian Gregory's USF Basketball Coaching Agreement #SportsRoadhouse