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RT @ilsanboy_: You slow down then you fucking speed up faster than usain bolt running in 100m
RT @WhatTheFFacts: You are more likely to be killed by your sofa or a lightning bolt than by a terrorist attack.
RT @Chavee71: rt if you've been in Auto L7 Horizon Olymp 23rd Zero Trilogy High Super 57 eRa Level GHK Maestus Myra BoLT Zeus dZ Rush Saw Syn follow me
RT @247Sports: Tom Brady teed-it-up at Augusta National with Jordan Spieth: []
RT @TODAYshow: We're so excited for @UofOklahoma! They formed the largest human cloud and the largest human lightening bolt for…
情けない妄想でも、格好悪い虚栄心でも、みじめになるほど不相応な願いだったとしても。 僕は、あの人が認めてくれるような、英雄になりたい #danmachi
. @ReagentTroika's about to stand when a plasma bolt hits his shoulder. He tells, then hits the ground, hard.
@bya69273 大丈夫!大丈夫!(*´Д`)イケル!イケル!
I liked a @YouTube video Unboxing The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Bike Computer
UNC Tar Heels basketball WATCH: UNC celebrates in locker room after win
RT @TheBigSpur247: What No. 1 recruit Zion Williamson is saying about the #Gamecocks #FinalFour run
Dak Prescott ecstatic, will attend NCAA Women's Final Four after huge MSU win
@bya69273 なるほどな オラッ、しゃぶれよ
@HelenaAmbrosio_ *sorria e via o bolt tentando subir*
RT @2FBS: Cameron, Latham, Dean, Bolt, ....@SkyNewsAust is home to a fine collection of failed, bitter, ageing, white, jabbering shitgibbons.
"She doesn't have a mean bone in her body" as the horse proceeds to bolt across the arena bucking 🙃 #lovemyjob
RT @Noles247: Florida State Seminoles 2017 Pro Day Guide: Expected participants and schedule for Tuesday's event via @Noles247
@bya69273 裸でいいのでは?
RT @RyanBartow: The nation's No. 1 cornerback in the 2019 class Akeem Dent tweets that he's de-committed from #Miami.…
@drag_bolt 音が出れるなら塞げばいいのだ!ちんちんで!(・`ω・)ドヤッ