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RT @WJB__: Tidak diundangnya Bapak Rizieq Syihab dlm pelantikan Presiden USA bisa jadi pertanyaan besar :(
RT @limone40: L'indice de fécondité lui aussi ne cesse de baisser aux USA, c'est la principale raison de la baisse des avortements
RT @MrTommyCampbell: Dear news: PLEASE stop talking as if USA is the ONLY country with a peaceful transfer of power. DOZENS of democracies do this. #Inauguration
RT @saraosalvatore: Mentana stai sereno e fattene una ragione Trump è il Pres USA e la sua politica é ció che conta @TgLa7
That’s not a war video game! Its what #USA bombs did to Al-Hussain school in Sana'a #Eshraq_Wasnt_1st_Victim
RT @Charles_HRH: "UK was confident in winning ‘Worst Political Decision of 2016’ until USA played their trump card". #InaugurationDay
GROW UP act civilized u sicken me Protesters, police clash in Washington as Trump assumes presidency via @Reuters
Desperate day for the USA and the "evangelical" church. But darkness cannot put out the light however hard it tries.
RT @mustafakamilm: #ترمب: سنمحو الإسلام الراديكالي من وجه الأرض. #الولايات_المتحدة #واشنطن#البيت_الأبيض #trump #TrumpPresident…
RT @DaskyD: What's done is done oh, there is nothing u can do. Trump is now president of the USA
RT @ChaiPapi: I was typing inauguration but my phone auto corrected to Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon, basically RIP USA
RT @EugenioCardi: Oggi gli USA domani l'Italia... Ovvero sperate che l'Italia diventi a tutti gli effetti una colonia USA? Ahahah! Qu…
RT @DailyMirror: Hundreds of protesters picket US embassy in London chanting 'No fascist USA, no Trump no KKK'…
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RT @MatiildaxD: En USA cuando asume un presidente le traspasan las claves secretas para activar un arsenal nuclear. Acá te dan las del wifi y Taringa, creo.