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Because I honestly do not know what/how to feel. Hindi pa nga masyadong nagsi-sink in eh. Lol. Easy lang pu dahil pressured si acoe
you know what word i hate? occasion. it's like, abnormally hard to remember how to spell does anyone feel me
RT @FILM_BANGPI: ขอ how to ทำไงให้นอนดึกหน่อย เดี๋ยวตี 3 ก่อนนอนจะมาอ่าน
RT @pttm_o: I wish bitches knew how to suck the way they talk shit 💯🤦🏽‍♂️
RT @TrashyeWest: These goth kids really know how to have a good time 🤘🏼😳
If you're ignoring PPV for lead generation you're ignoring a ton of profits. How to get 53+ targeted leads a day
RT @oraltwjnk: people will tell you how to live your life but just remember they ain't shit
learning a new language but mostly learning how to tell native speakers that you suck
RT @BU_Tweets: .@BUQuestrom's David Weil researches what makes employment unfair--and how to fix it:
@markhoppus I can actually understand how to see to deal with her.
@BobbiBabe then when we asked her delegation a question she forgot how to speak
RT @daisymarquez_: Am I the only girl who doesn't know how to french braid hair bc same 😭
RT @WIREDScience: Scientists at Boston University hacked a cell, and figured out how to reprogram it like a computer
RT @onherperiod: How to drop a hint that you want something at a store
How to Include Politics in Your Marketing Without Turning Anyone ... via @VL_tender #doer
RT @_deraaaaaaa: bitches don't know how to be friends💯 that's why I surround myself by a selected few🅿️
Refusing to do something and not doing something well is two different things. Us men got a sex ego. We gon learn h…
@ufo ufo ufo can u all how to play this chess or not.. as i know my side all the things L-shape means horse....
RT @sugarloveshack: Mansplaining sucks. Don't fucking tell me how to drink whiskey, old man at the liquor store.
How to Read People Instantly by Asking 1 Simple Question @MarcelSchwantes via @Inc
RT @SexualGif: when your attitude is on 10000 but he knows how to handle it 😢❤