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RT @JWGOP: I've grown to have tremendous respect for the courage & commitment of @Evan_McMullin A source of inspiration & light in these dark hours.
RT @realDonaldTrump: expensive mistake! THE UNITED STATES IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS
RT @fussybabybitch: Millennials are ripped monster men using comically small laptops, and it's killing the traditional business model https://t.co/9fPMgfojhi
RT @FT: Trump warns US business over offshoring https://t.co/2EKBLLLNdg
On average, each US small #business owner is owed $84,000 for products and services delivered but not #paid for.… https://t.co/G4rgttrsyk
RT @WBKsports: One more inspirational #Haka rendition from @zekenoa30 as his teammates go to battle for #Back2Back SD Open Divisio… https://t.co/zlNJEJnasL
RT @BernieSanders: America remains the only major country not to guarantee health care for all. The Republican response: throw millions off health insurance.
RT @MamataOfficial: Very concerned about the health of Jayalalitha Ji. Like my friends in Tamil Nadu, I am praying for her speedy recovery. May God bless her
@PershoreSC Tom and I are feeling old! Our 'What's it all about Alfie?" was met with nothing but a blank look....
RT @Earthbornpaints: Interior design inspiration from the industry's top stylists: https://t.co/m2OiDTrwE6 #interiordesign #stylist… https://t.co/VB6PCXQIMj
Upcoming Webinar: How @SchneiderElec #Startup Partnerships Have Changed Their Business. Join us!… https://t.co/t8j8BuzsGu
RT @InspiringThinkn: Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. Stephen Hawking #inspiration #leadership https://t.co/7Xqzpf5dkb
RT @StarshipStatus: The overworked counseling department has filed a complaint that the EMH is insufficient for psychological health emergencies.
.@MGSDschools are embarking on a revolutionary approach to #language learning. How it works: https://t.co/WxGYojnGgK https://t.co/JirGTReX8G
RT @nxtstop1: G.O.P. Plans Immediate Repeal of Health Law, Then a Delay https://t.co/igijH81VhE Considered 2B a recipe for chaos... hold on to your hat~
RT @ExponentialMed: A Dose of a Hallucinogen From a ‘Magic Mushroom,’ and Then Lasting Peace #xmed #hospice #EndOfLife https://t.co/yclB0JvwFx
RT @ndtv: Please pray for #Jayalalithaa, says Apollo Hospital after cardiac arrest https://t.co/Fl8V3nbExl https://t.co/ydwYaBxpCm
RT @DrJenGunter: Wanting your patients to have access to health care doesn't make you a liberal doctor, just makes you a doctor
RT @urgentcatsmiami: 🆘 🆘 URGENT 🆘 🆘 This poor kitty has multiple health problems and needs rescue ASAP!!... https://t.co/ygrydAUwFZ
Get a copy of the complimentary handbook, Beyond SMART Goals: Effective Goal Setting for Business Analysts https://t.co/wXNFVFfMpl #baot
RT @MarketeerDel: Knowledge of glycobiology can improve your health: Geiske de Ruig at TED... https://t.co/XH3zXsFrhs via @YouTube