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RT @kingtav_: This is why y’all need to mind your business https://t.co/724RjS1KnD
RT @russdiemon: It’s crazy how many talented people sleep on themselves. The root of this whole success thing is self belief. That… https://t.co/LUSawIZCuH
RT @alIycxt: to criticize a drug addict for bein a drug addict is like criticizing someone for bein homeless. u could neeeeeeeve… https://t.co/dAG4fSLlmM
Unified Communications (UC) allows an organisation’s #communication channels to remain open, flexible and secure. T… https://t.co/gK9HqN4axz
RT @sheerazhasan: Are you looking for business and investment opportunities from the Middle East? Sheeraz, Inc has a mandate to prese… https://t.co/uTt3Phhles
Stop stealing art and calling it “inspiration” 2018+
RT @Business_Motiv: Don't hope for wealth, create it
مقاطع سكس hd ه https://t.co/DioUWFfrH8 📹📱 لفتح ادخل رابط انقر سهم او صور متحركه رتويت 1s26 اللي يحب السكس رتويت لتغريداتي تحت
RT @SRuhle: 2nd problem - WH source tells me that bc of their hard line stance on immigration Miller/Kelly block the dea. - Ne… https://t.co/6JZwn7w1Op
You even said arturo lol bitch quit playing yourself — wut? i dated someone else after him for a really long time.… https://t.co/yZrI7AAtSR
RT @BridgetteWest: If Tina ever shows up she’s gonna regret it!! That unhinged crazy woman has no business over here!
@kobebryant thank you Kobe for always being an inspiration to me. Since a kid I’ve always admired your hard work.
RT @GOPChairwoman: Democrats have once again blocked Republican efforts to fund the government, pay our troops, & provide health care… https://t.co/7KSNo4YNSN
RT @CynnRodriguez96: When your going about your business and a customer wanna get rude. https://t.co/d6wCxac1D6
RT @nimyunsang1111: - 쓰기좋은영어표현 - Mind your own business. =>너나잘해 I am fed up with this. =>난 이 일에 진절머리가 난다 Behave yourself. =>예의를 지켜라 Do… https://t.co/VP6wJNcfnu
RT @CNN: The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017 https://t.co/fEHnwRDWdX https://t.co/qfbPXaiiFA
RT @knuckleb0ne: I want to quote tweet myself because this is immensely important for every trans person and trans ally I know. Tran… https://t.co/kprKDiz1WW
I hope everyone finished things that are due soon! If you haven’t don’t stay up late trying to do so; it’s alright💖… https://t.co/M3ttrloGZY
RT @abhimanu66: We both love watermelon...😻👸 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉 Have it twice a week.. it's good for Health....🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉 https://t.co/8ukBITMhLf
@doc_bitcoin How about wealth appropriation? "Seize the means of wealth; you have nothing to lose but your chains!" - NOT Karl Marx
I first have to be cleared by Employee health and then report to… https://t.co/Wy0qjqaF6l
RT @kylegriffin1: Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono will donate the salary she receives during the government shutdown to Hawaii’s 14 fede… https://t.co/yFcKUwuuhM
@realDonaldTrump Again, not true re: the Democrats. Also, is not appropriate or any of your business for POTUS to… https://t.co/MVqhpjpMin
Interesting follow-on to the Boston Business Journal piece "Economic Outlook: Sunny Days for State Economy"... https://t.co/xyfDnVJ6A8