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Necessary programs should be implemented in Iranian mining sector https://t.co/ulOUj2Qayc https://t.co/jKQwojSgex
RT @buckley_smith: Applications for our Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology post are closing this Sunday 28th April. https://t.co/hDwgZHRGaL
RT @ClaireFuller2: It's a week until the UK paperback of Bitter Orange is published. Here's a piece I wrote for @thebooktrailer about… https://t.co/VBD9386Lda
RT @BrainyQuote: It's hard to be humble, when you're as great as I am. - Muhammad Ali https://t.co/XBfcfWfbkm #brainyquote #QOTD #humble #greatness
RT @hebeanx: This bean is one of the main reason why I sing, perform and be myself everyday. I love you @troyesivan always. Yo… https://t.co/n71AtgIPWn
トヨタ、HV技術特許を無償開放 2万件以上のコア技術を利用可能に - ITmedia ビジネスオンライン https://t.co/GuTcNpyfMA
@PatMcG987 @CardiffBrycey I am fighting on behalf of many of my clients & my business, but also against what I trul… https://t.co/XKA0s5w4xD
But we host AFCON in 2 months? https://t.co/CBBQoxk709
RT @yooniesjiminie: Hey ARMY!! If you see this then you are obligated to retweet, quote and reply (ONE BY ONE) the fanchant with the ha… https://t.co/S5cc8CgRK8
Outgoing PM claims he works for 20 hours a day. Then India’s debt surges 50% to Rs 82 lakh crore. Moral of the stor… https://t.co/qrdWprBLFB
RT @Ultear99: RV BTS 🤝🤝 ORGANIC… https://t.co/TtQOL7ZvmY
RT @PHE_uk: Health professionals remain the most trusted source of advice on immunisation, with our research showing that 93% o… https://t.co/tIyPweeQpq
@FOXFOOTY Booing used to be harmless banter. Now it's serious business. Only light golf clapping should be acceptable.
RT @jiminoosaurus: 🚨❗MASS VOTING❗🚨 I just voted for BTS for #BBMAsTopSocial at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. RT to vote too! 1 RE… https://t.co/GnDsANPOQN
RT @GhostinKordei_: LM are really making moves this year, leigh-anne releasing her own swimwear collection, perrie releasing her own sh… https://t.co/i93NWSs9cK
RT @SamMauger2: Keep the free bus pass it is the greatest and most used health enhancing provision#standupforbuspass
@hayleyk261 Love this quote. Full version is equally as important https://t.co/vadGJQvYD1
RT @Mz_Rubeey: Will be opening my store officially tomorrow. I sell Kids items, party packs and many more. My business page is… https://t.co/oQwMywmrx6
if you see this please rt, quote and reply with #BBMAsTopSocial + BTS @BTS_twt https://t.co/R7DlvELhIL
RT @5mintillZeitnot: @PFA Hazard goal involvements (1st) assists (1st) chances created from open play (1st) dribbles completed + high s… https://t.co/wsnOWJK8IU
RT @yaniechimchim: ⚠️DON'T IGNORE THIS TWEET⚠️ ARMYs our voting rate is currently slowing down so if you saw this in ur tl pls retwee… https://t.co/t8ZpghIw6w
RT @pakvf: Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. This… https://t.co/riPjDQy1vZ
Increase in fines and prosecutions for food safety and hygiene: Fines for food safety and hygiene offences and pros… https://t.co/zZEoxIggxC