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@lauraelvery it’s as though newspaper publishers don’t want to stay in business.
RT @ChrisMurphyCT: Translation: I am going to sabotage the U.S. health care system, hurting millions of Americans, to gain political a… https://t.co/mMc2fcqoUo
RT @JPNadda: The #MentalHealthcareBill defines penalties for maintaining mental health establishment in contravention of provisi… https://t.co/dPLGq3nksK
RT @vlh: This restaurant is full of business people talking loudly about business. I should start talking loudly to myself about web animation. 😀
RT @NoVieHam: @MurderGeeWrote @sbxdread_ and the Africans that remained are the ones with stamina, hence their success at distance races
RT @healthwomeninfo: Get Healthy And #QuitSmoking Today With This Solid Advice - https://t.co/ePg1jkvvIR - Quit Smoking - - #QuitSmoking… https://t.co/LtkEB4aQth
Jeremy is honestly the biggest inspiration of light in my life. I don't know what I did to deserve him but I thank God for him every day.
RT @AriMelber: Kushner says gov is a business and citizens are "customers." Actually the Constitution says citizens are the owner… https://t.co/EddkEMPk5n
Meeting with the Ambassador of #Hyrule to discuss a single payer health care system. https://t.co/mKHmMlRJql
RT @taeyeonsgrande: a girlgroup looking up to snsd as their inspiration is one of the best things ever https://t.co/QJxbLs9Fqe
RT @jennifermor: Refuges ‘turn away more than 150 women a day because of budget cuts’ http://t.co/ifuwsbXPhi
RT @OilsandsAction: In the last 15 years the #Oilsands industry has done more than $10,000,000,000 of business in partnership with Firs… https://t.co/JHORLPhCTq
Retweeted Famous Quotes (@famos_quotes): The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. -Audrey Hepburn
RT @williamlegate: @realDonaldTrump why are you hell-bent on destroying America's health care system just to make a political point? Work w Democrats NOW…
RT @ValaAfshar: IT budget split - global average 2016 75% formal IT budget 18% business unit IT 7% shadow IT #CIO https://t.co/aNogKD4BkC
May The Lord guide you in all your ways, wisdom, knowledge, and the best of health..happy birthday Mayor Duterte... #HBDDuterte
RT @Harlan: 4) Cut gov waste by ordering a freeze on federal hiring (other than military, public safety and public health)
RT @faqqrulfahmi: Seronok bila org sangka kau ni pemalas. Tapi nanti kau lah antara org yg berjaya. Work hard in silence, let the success make the noise👍🏻