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RT @stuffedpanda: Cat I finished airbrushing Sunday for my friend to wear at the #dragoncon parade! :D
@Vamp Wow, I'm a dummeh. I didn't realize until now I had my picture taken with you at DragonCon! Thank you for obl…
It's my last day today at #dragoncon, come to me with their problems?
Thanks for 1. Dragoncon vlog is up:
Yay more shitty Harley Quinn cosplays at Dragoncon this year.
RT @seelix: My last debate comment: Thank goodness for the rum I swiped from the DragonCon alcohol disposal party. It was put to good use tonight.
I'm still at #Dragoncon so if you've seen it.
RT @michael_yip: If you are in Hong Kong on 10 December, join #DragonCon and meet #infosec professionals from APAC #threatintel…
@jongdaesbf i'm sorry matt s wasn't nice. :(((( i met tom felton at dragoncon and he was a total sweetie but that's basically the extent