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@therisersaga @stephanfleet Have u two ever thought about participating in @DragonCon? There's Tracks relevant to Writers, the genres, etc!
What conventions are YOU going to between now and #dragoncon 2017? #geekiaryfeelings
RT @JamesMarstersOf: @DragonCon was a glorious madhouse. A good time was had by all 70,000+ of us. #Atlanta is still recovering!
Jackson Height's own...Mister RANDY...WATSON! YAS! #SexualChocolates #VarietyPack #dragoncon
RT @KevinHearne: 'Twas good to see @MelissaFOlson at DragonCon. Checking out her book about a null who negates powers of paranormals
@milkysa We met at dragoncon, I tried to interview but we couldn't Any idea when we could that interview email me at
I saw this when I was down in Atlanta at DragonCon.
RT @billetskillet: if you were the toriel cosplayer that gave me a blowjob at dragoncon, PLEASE inbox me. i think you took my wallet. it looks like an NES.
The best 'Overwatch' cosplay from DragonCon 2016
RT @andreathekline: @clairecoffee missed you at DragonCon when your other buddies came
@jasonsfolly but we had better costumes at DragonCon
Apparently we are all unabashed Sheraton haters... #dragoncon #geekiaryfeelings
@SWatDC Subs. Check out @SteeleWars. If you like Star Wars, you will love this podcast. Gotta show Steele that DragonCon loves Star Wars.
The best 'Overwatch' cosplay from DragonCon 2016