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RT @Time_with_mind: 그리고 또 어린이 대하시는 분들께 꼬옥 당부하고 싶은 거 아이들 어디 부딪치거나 넘어졌을 때 땅이나 벽 문에 다 때찌. 바닥이 나쁘네. 문이 나빴네 이런 말 하지 마쎄요. 제발
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RT @CHSommers: Sex Panic update! ‘Parts Unknown' episodes with Asia Argento removed by #CNN because of her alleged #MeToo violati… https://t.co/fCZgtmR6WN
Lo vais a comprender enseguida, por United Unknown. 😂 https://t.co/7xY67A1bcW
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RT @RavinarIN: In April 2013.. Unknown to me... and un-annouced to me.. a couple of friends .. launched my book "Social media as w… https://t.co/NmBHKgFLyB
RT @DianeSeaman2: Here's a great day-by-day account of the Khashoggi drama. TO THIS DAY there is still NO EVIDENCE to support any of… https://t.co/ds74ZeUSG9
@AstrayParadise Primal Beasts were not all exempt from the surge of anxiety one might feel when faced with the unkn… https://t.co/RFNcoC0YX6
ごめんごめんごめん、これは聞いてないwwwww近藤カメラwwwww君は、最後の砦にするな。 https://t.co/5krsyCtOp4
RT @OkigboXL: Whoever in charge of opening the portal for these unknown rappers to be getting discovered needa get fired https://t.co/1LQSDI3NgO
RT @neiljedcastro: Overthinking sucks. You fear the unknown. You fear to fail in life. You fear of being rejected. You fear of not doi… https://t.co/H8xGPz4KwA
@honoka2718 普段喋らない人がライブの度にゴンさんの覚悟と制約と誓約をして叫ぶからこうなる……
RT @RapeIsNoJoke: @rgoodlaw @gauthiervillars @jessdonati @summer_said @POTUS Faces Morbid Foreign Policy Challenge (Editorial) From t… https://t.co/z3ar0eI3Ph
@mmccdenier Its almost like nobody cares about Scheer because he lacks leadership skills or something. We all know… https://t.co/LcfRwgSPs5
RT @mnaaari_: “It disappears like a whirlwind Happy things, sad things, even the unknown tomorrow This morning is passing and now… https://t.co/svLBLtM0A6
RT @mrdolcethecat: Democrats have been anxiously waiting for the Midterm elections to arrive. WE ARE ONLY 21 DAYS AWAY!!! Here is a li… https://t.co/5Xyy2Pchwu
“I L❤️V 2 I.V. Marijuana and smoke heroin” - Artist unknown; ballpoint pen on diaper changing table in Target men’… https://t.co/LPsCG6l17N
YouTube stops around the world for several minutes for unknown reasons!!!!!
@kazu_dengops ゲームですしやり方は人それぞれだと思います。色々楽しみましょう!
@Mythical_Chai I'm doing ok, how are you holding up, also I heard you met somone you fancy tell me a bit about him… https://t.co/FiYMAT3Iav
RT @ishikawahideki: 俺真月ちゃんのために、『若おかみは小学生!』応援することに決めた。 早くアートブックかブルーレイ出しておくれよ。 https://t.co/4524cxM0Pt
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