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@ren1922 ほんとにごめんなさい、ありがとうございます、落ち着いたら連絡します、きっと午後になったらいつもの僕に戻ってるはずなのできっと連絡します、急にリぷしても大丈夫ですか、?、?
"The worst part of it" is that it's unknown who is responsible, @JohnHMerrill said. #alpolitics https://t.co/oD2CFdjVZy via @MGMAdvertiser
RT @Official_PAX: We’re calling prospective Omeganauts now! If you see an unknown number, pick up!
RT @CupAhNoodle: To everyone that took a chance, on an unknown broadcaster... THANK YOU!!! 😆💜😭🤟🏾 https://t.co/24x66CU7ys
She felt jealous simply because my friend said: "I really love her". She boiled with rage and fury. Unknown to her,… https://t.co/Rj3yA25pSZ
RT @shotongoal247: N'Golo Kante's rise to the top has been sensational! 😵 2012: Unknown in Ligue 2 2013: Moves to Ligue 1 2015: Moves… https://t.co/70zAFDq6tw
"23 Art Exhibitions to View in N.Y.C. This Weekend" by Unknown Author via NYT https://t.co/NiHjjiOYeJ #Catholic
RT @TheArtidote: You gotta know the difference between being patient & wasting your damn time. —Unknown #ToBeVulnerablyHonest artw… https://t.co/oYExuMBNAR
RT @BigRaysShow: Right now it's The #InBetaPodcast Season 3 Ep 3 on #HaminMedia @FameBlack goes deep into an unknown location w the… https://t.co/T3WIZ25xvS
RT @akaebube: Nigeria Air ✈️ New name for Relegation troubled Nigerian Airways New Owners of the club are unknown New Manager i… https://t.co/yuYdPUK8eJ
RT @yu_lm82: unknown〜、お立ち台に乗ってメロイックサインきめる明徳かわいい!! そしてベースソロ前に明徳を指さしつつ 葉「ナスのパスターーーーーー!!!!」 ってさけぶ葉月さんwwwwwww ナスwwww
@ScottHamilton84 North bay,ontario. I dont live there but I'm close. Winter. Would have to build but it's a pretty place and kinda unknown
#ListenNow on Quantum Stereo Radio UNKNOWN by POWER ID 2 (2) #StreamingLive https://t.co/KJwfo1N2mR
Accident of motor vehicles involving unknown injury - ORCHARD ST/UNDERWOOD AV, Hilton #roc
RT @ibnkhwaja: We are living in an era where capturing moments using our phones , is more important than actually living these mom… https://t.co/wpXW0JGZTa
RT @SpeakMyMin: The ways to happiness: keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Love simply, expect little, give much.… https://t.co/ArPso7mSaO
Northfield Choir / Unknown album (3/14/2016 11:42:54 AM) / Track 5
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RT @tim_fargo: Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances. - Unknown #quote #ThursdayThoughts https://t.co/VDmG7MXfLv
@Reuters If the delivery vehicle is autonomous or semi autonomous it would require a reliable means of C2 in flight… https://t.co/dmD4iTHDf6
RT @ciaagofficial: Big Pharma expands reach to Pain Patients as Federal HHS Committee discusses potential to replace opioid medication… https://t.co/v9Hx9l9JSC
I don’t answer unknown/unsaved numbers, text me or you a robot 🤖
@SimonJHistorian It just doesn't make sense, at all. (It's like jumping into the unknown.)
#FLINT #POLICE UNKNOWN: Fenton & Leland @one Stop, PD on scene checking 3 subjects, PD en-route to City Lock-up with one subject