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RT @SethAbramson: 33/ To understand the entirety of how Trump acquired a deal to build Trump Tower Moscow at the 2013 Miss Universe p… https://t.co/UXGDzPuy7S
RT @SethAbramson: 26/ Here's a fuller shot of Van Ronkel with Trump at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow (November 9, 2013): https://t.co/nD9EpPBQ1Q
RT @SethAbramson: 25/ So this is the part of the thread where I remind you that Van Ronkel—the Hollywood fixer who gets U.S. stars bi… https://t.co/r7s8ROlOAr
RT @SethAbramson: 21/ LaBella's role with respect to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant is unclear: IMDB doesn't list it at all for him,… https://t.co/E3gcRYlti6
RT @SethAbramson: 19/ At least three of those events—the bottom three—occurred at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant, which LaBella and T… https://t.co/QJRRx72VzO
RT @SethAbramson: 20/ LaBella—who Arnold claims was with Trump the entirety of the pageant—was then an NBC Talent Development Executi… https://t.co/u17482DdPW
RT @scottygirl2014: America, meet Bob Van Ronkel. Russia’s talent agent to Hollywood stars. He’s responsible for such actions as gettin… https://t.co/fjZFqEV4ot
RT @WendySiegelman: How Did Steven Seagal And Vladimir Putin Become BFFs? Bob Van Ronkel Introduced Them - For the past two decades, Bo… https://t.co/q3XWr6lA9x
@NowUnitedMusic Do you consider yourself joining the Miss Universe Pageant in the future?😊 Mahal kita.🇵🇭😍😘
Back w/ another spotlight: Yaritza Reyes, an actress, singer, model and beauty pageant titleholder. She was crowned… https://t.co/VKadDEaGY3
@TheRynheart #PutinsAssClowns I think Mr Brennan is on point here..Trump jr made that statement that a "disproporti… https://t.co/ykPUgOtFGJ
I'm still not over this gown...🌋🌋🌋 LOOK: Catriona Gray wears a 'Mayon' gown in Miss Universe 2018… https://t.co/I74fnKlCUf
/rlt/ mau tanya dong yang ngerti beauty pageant kenapa kok miss universe yg dari filipina selalu gak dateng ke indo… https://t.co/T6kUeAYMQ0
Trump held 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. The venue was owned by Aras Agalarov, who Trump had done business… https://t.co/EmADVYfdQI
@RonPiss1 Right. Years ago he tried to make a deal for hotels and something to do with the Miss Universe pageant. I… https://t.co/WOPPtDUKCR
RT @bobmunoz: Oh my look who is in attendance at the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow in 2013. https://t.co/MbH6r1j7Gu
@striderhlc @GOP I don't remember him saying he had "no business interests in Russia". He had just done the Miss Un… https://t.co/Zdeqlw4XmD
@DiamondEriberri Erin, will you be entering the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant??
You'll love these dolls if you're a fan of Catriona Gray - Rappler https://t.co/0FUtQcwpMT https://t.co/lHOYrtqs3n
The first time I saw her on TV was when she represented South Korea in the Miss Universe pageant. She's soooo prett… https://t.co/lwQvEd2u91
MORBIDLY OBESE tRUMP FAT SHAMES WOMEN Remember when Hilary Clinton accused ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ of shaming former Mi… https://t.co/65ILltzsZI
@NetizenDrama I get to know her when I watched miss universe pageant 😆 she is that awesome
You'll love these dolls if you're a fan of Catriona Gray https://t.co/h0aXQwZNGW via @rapplerdotcom
@KenTremendous Remember when he publicly shamed Miss Universe for going from pageant skinny to just regular skinny?