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[GIVEAWAY] Together with UNIQLO, allow us to play Santa as we gift five (5) lucky winners with a… https://t.co/AZStaX9iwt
@heddon_lucky_13 あれは暖かいよ!UNIQLOのん着でるけど重宝してる(・ㅂ・ )
so my mom won this uniqlo jacket in a lucky draw and guess who's making cosplans for a human!female!Sans https://t.co/VxQqEx7gUj
@Chocoyeolli sumpah polem makin kinclong, slim & cute. Uniqlo local staff are very lucky to have him in company, ga kyk om ayumu & om haru
How can someone be this lucky yet so unlucky at the same time? So one day I heard that Uniqlo has a Star… [pic] — https://t.co/jzk1vrkrV8