Um estudo da University College London, na Inglaterra, envolvendo gêmeos, sugere que a rejeição e exigência de... https://t.co/fWmjkIrgEa
I bet u on the way to London in the plane I'm whiling to bet money at least a player of the Rams or a player of... https://t.co/0r052nfMuF
Best way to get over of the end of holidays ...🤓🍿🍸🍾 #travel #madrid #london https://t.co/t60tDrqwAC
RT @Giants: TOUCHDOWN!!!!! Landon Collins with the Pick-6 and we're all tied up in London!!! #NYGinUK https://t.co/OOXLfQDExg
RT @DavidVujanic: Growing up in London has been the biggest gift. Thank you universe for allowing me to learn the world in one City.
EFG London Jazz Fest with Zhenya Strigalev Sunday 13th Nvo. Underbelly: https://t.co/quATLz1vcn
I just laughed my mom asked me to go to London w her today and that's like a 2 hour drive. it's a no for me
He's from London but he's teaching SAT. This is new to me. Usually SAT is taught by Americans? Hahaha
Someone please bring me to London😭😭😭😭
natürlich trägt auch Lorielle London nur das beste Schnitthaar von Hairfusion in Farbe 150 und 130 https://t.co/ndlcuYuYxN
RT @TradBritGroup: Belgium politician warns America and the world of the dangers of Hillary Clinton getting into the White House in... https://t.co/21Mb99sy1Z
RT @SaraJayXXX: Can't wait for @DaisyRockUK to visit me in #Miami 😻😻 we had some serious #goodtimes #london https://t.co/HTE3BudWjR
Took me a year to get to the halfway point
Just bumped into Mr World as we wait to begin the talent competition. He won his title in London! Huge thank you... https://t.co/KxHMmXNr5B
Lucky to be spending the half term week off in London dancing and reuniting with old friends ☺️London friends let me know if you're about!
To the guys that tooted their car horn at me on London Bridge, thanks. I thought I looked like shit today
LONDON MARATHON BALLOT We will be holding the club ballot for the London Marathon on Monday 31st October at the... https://t.co/qFnepEGW8a
Is it just me or is it Thursday in London? https://t.co/kUMbH3mKF1
@ANYEW0N just answer me okay? ;3 so Yewon, what's your impression of night scene in London? #ethereal #triptolondon #londoneye
I've got a spare #ticket to @MassMatiks and @SwimGoodUK at their killer show tonight at London Garage. Hit me up if you wanna come along 🤘🏻
Mama left me in London for 3months when I was about 4ish,it burnt her so badly, so imagine leaving your kids for 10+ years no contact 😳 eish