Let them all go to London - and stay there. And take the NBA and MLB with you...... https://t.co/ZSdxbJNGOX
London: Wazir-e-Azam Aur Ishaq Dar Ki Watan Wapsi,References Ka Samna Karnay Ka Faisla Balakot:Gari Khai Me Girnay Se 5 Sayakh Janbahaq
In an office somewhere in a London tower block, Sunderland AFC's monthly board meeting is about to begin. https://t.co/5tRyi1DF8z
RT @noanunoparty: WoC producers in london who want to get involved in a lil project, hit me up !
Here Im not accepting jennas moved to London, come home, let me make u food x plz x
Many players kneel, most link arms during “Star-Spangled Banner” in London https://t.co/MKmj65dLT6
RT @100PercFEDUP: Breaking: Disrespectful NFL Teams Visiting London Kneel During National Anthem...#BoycottNFL https://t.co/zP10b1fboa
Royal Albert Hall .. London ,2011 https://t.co/JCBUOLxFxC
@mortreport @ESPNNFL Maybe you can help me? Can you talk to someone you work with and get the London game on TV? Th… https://t.co/gqhT49MHLm
The Least-Known Most Influential Man in Fashion https://t.co/6t5KWTmIwr
RT @JuMosq: Double knees got me thinking there's a real possibility that Ray Lewis is getting Weekend at Bernie's-ed in London 🤔 https://t.co/slOYGAteAA
RT @MikkiIndian: Believe me, HONEY PREET will feel good incase she lands up in LONDON because @TheVijayMallya won't let her miss babaji ever.
Steve Lowe ....you went to London for this? https://t.co/xSkjQpLFyd
Retweeted NFL (@NFL): The @Ravens. The @Jaguars. In London! #WatchWithTheWorld right now on @Yahoo:... https://t.co/mCzv6aSWTn
Today, NFL players in London knelt during our National Anthem, yet stood for "God Save The Queen" If you don't... https://t.co/jv0CYuVqj4
Yahoo! Sports - https://t.co/cjkSGJERte - Steve Smith and Ray Lewis have tea time in London
Is it just me or should the jaguars just play every game in London? They look like super stars in London and dumpster fire in the US
It is even worse than I predicted (no "hindsight" for me). #NFL players stood in polite respect for "God save the queen" in #London.
RT @f2photo: NFL owner locked arms and #TakeTheKnee in London with his team. Aint that America for you and me! https://t.co/5LJ4MGY232
24.09.17: Atlanta to London... | Lady of Variety | London | Anikka Forbes https://t.co/JJVyKbXxrH
wow Wow9.58/10 Teen Wolf Werewolves of London S06E17 4 mesi 12 giorni 20 ore https://t.co/fJeuk1oQk3 #tvtime https://t.co/hjbeY1hSAH
Jimmys really playin in London right now, this so dope to me
RT @HandofGOD7: "Don't worry, folks. Acid attacks are part & parcel of city life. We must accept them & prepare for more. Vote for… https://t.co/rdv0eAfIJS
My two year old woke up early but is watching the London game with me. She must be a jags fan.