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@FOfroststorm I could only imagine how Undertaker felt doing this
@RandomThongsOF1 He and the Undertaker had a mutual agreement, even undertaker was surprised at him saying that he'll do it
RT @oega07: @LUISPlTTON Jeff Hardy el si era el mejor de todos junto al undertaker https://t.co/MjIWsL1Hh7
That whole 90s Undertaker Austin circuit was complete paganism and shed light on how corporate works against real n… https://t.co/6N7gb969dr
@mike_sierra_ pero undertaker no es humano we
@arathcrlg no le pudo ganar a undertaker 🤷🏻‍♂️
@undertaker_big なんだプロなんだ。
@VcrWrestling WWE can fix the problem by advertising one or two superstars for the Rumble match. Examples Undertake… https://t.co/hGzQ6lebOj
Listen to Young Thug - Tragic Freestyle by undertaker #np on #SoundCloud https://t.co/966H4L86tJ
@BeckyLynchWWE @WWE The Undertaker seeing this: “Instead of a chop, I could’ve just punched people in the throat...… https://t.co/fnCdnv15m9
Mais jetais prêt 😎 j'avais de la musique classique dans mes ouïes à tt moment je pouvais me transformer en agent47… https://t.co/8SjPfQaYhJ
소생의 보물이야.
You guys voted! I am now the non-canon reaper UnderTaker
@De_Cheeseus I wanna be the undertaker
@RingFalcon Undertaker put Warrior in a body bag, but Warrior busted out of it. Magic.
Brandon's Team GP PT Cruiser is about to go under surgery for a new build. Stay Tuned. Whats about to go in it? ⬇⬇… https://t.co/wmNUWaKieO
The Undertaker WWE Career (1984-2018): https://t.co/68ocovLcf5 via @YouTube
Who cares about her apology we don’t give a damn about it, all we want is her to be deported and maybe get a job as… https://t.co/ywN5XVYPHd
All Time favorite player from each sport. Please COPY, PASTE, EDIT & GO NBA- Stephen Curry NFL- Randy Moss Colleg… https://t.co/mPW0RaNhie