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@KimGrinolds time for uncle Phil to start breakin' bread.🤑
$500 mil from Uncle Phil? Any of that part of Helfrich's buyout? #FireHelfrich #GoDucks
Whoever pointed out that suge knight and uncle phil look alike need some kind of reward I'm still crying over that 😂😂😂
RT @_santosjon5: Uncle Phil with the 'Salinas' name drop✊🏾 #Outchea https://t.co/sQT5DtEjaY
tout de suite je vous diffuse: Soprano - Uncle Phil - Fresh Prince sur https://t.co/24t6PCRGV1 bonne écoute
First things first rest In Peace Uncle Phil for real You the only father that I ever knew
Swear to god I just seen the real life uncle Phil 😂😂
@NaughtyByNAEtur not if you with the black one and uncle phil
RT @Ish_Kaz: I keep on switching wifeys you gotta uncle Phil me
I keep on switching wifeys, you gotta uncle Phil me #BestLineOf2016
A stone-faced Uncle Phil opens his checkbook and shakes his head as yet again he is forced to bail his long-lost daughter Azealia outta jail
I keep on switching wifeys you gotta uncle Phil me
That scene with Will Smith and Uncle Phil? That's me in real life. My pops ain't want me either
@ValentineShow @realDonaldTrump love ya uncle Phil but at least 80% of the country doesnt even know @ that tradition ones that do loved it
@janesports Can we change the Exempt List to something less honorable-sounding? Purgatory List. Pending Judgement List. Anything.
@jesslahey We load up on various only-in-NY items whenever we're back in town.
RT @sk801cody: “@ComedyPics: Will Smith is now older than Uncle Phil was at the start of Fresh Prince. https://t.co/I2ZLRXhQFZ” that's insane