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Uncle Sam, is this guy for real? This appears to be a glorification of violence and from the POTUS. Some of you… https://t.co/cpQMqB57nv
RT @scienceoxford: Do you have a favourite primate? Vote now so we can discuss with the awesome @Ben_garrod later this month at… https://t.co/dOFbbiBTRd
This just in!: Here's what Uncle Ben said to us about Gamergate: "North Korea is failing to meet the standards of the Iraq War."
Aunt May once said "If you help somone, you help everyone." How is it both her and Uncle Ben were so inspirational? https://t.co/M7olRZfUrS
The Benz white like rice from uncle Ben's 😂
This just in!: Here's what Uncle Ben had to say about Zimbabwe: "Burger King ate Socialism."
Did you know that Uncle Ben is made in a concentration camp?
@BrianSmith_24 If kids are being set up for failure, how will they learn if no one teaches them? Just noticing a… https://t.co/ExS9wuXoA0
@ZTGD Uncle Ben is dead. Get over it.
Saying goodbye to Uncle Ben and hello to my newest Platinum Trophy. Plat #34! #SpiderManPS4 #Spiderman #PS4 #Trophy https://t.co/UNc5Aad10l
Mamma Mia! It Looks Like Uncle Ben Died. Suffering Succotash...
DAY 20 1.- The death of Yondu 2.- The death of Uncle Ben https://t.co/pS1Zrkfb7l
RT @mattyglesias: He’s not confused about who attacked Ben or worried about lost arms sales, he just thinks it’s a good thing for rul… https://t.co/24PB7OGZVU
RT @BCAppelbaum: Greg Gianforte is a criminal. He pled guilty to assaulting Ben Jacobs. The president is congratulating a criminal o… https://t.co/ZlVZ7xfy6Q
@KarlSmallwood Great responsibility Karl. You bring shame to Uncle Ben.
@Dat1loneshark2 @TheAlecThorn I’d like to see a scene of Peter visiting Uncle Ben’s grave I think that would be a good little moment
@ruby_bagonia @fivefifths Clearly, you forgot the part where he witnessed a robbery after gaining his super powers… https://t.co/TKOz9osufd
@Mr_3LastNames Uncle Ben lost his damn mind.
@awesomonster @camulust Here's the digital Swedish uncle you've always wanted Pete. https://t.co/seXg7WOCy2
@talkRADIO @JuliaHB1 Oh yes, @talkRADIO, make them want to complain about more shit. Next it'll be Mr Muscle and Un… https://t.co/fZFHmsKBXk
@awesomonster @camulust This chap's channel is really good, even if he doesn't seem like your jolly Swedish uncle l… https://t.co/mInFDhQw7H
MCU Spider-Man haters: “They never even name dropped Uncle Ben or talked about what happened” Also MCU Spider-Man… https://t.co/Vq3nWTHSt6
RT @cindoodooch_: Nate’s dad looks like Uncle Ben #HTGAWM
Nate’s dad looks like Uncle Ben #HTGAWM
RT @DoBetterSis_pod: @Dzayrozay10 😂😂😂😂 Not Uncle Ben!! 😂😂