RT @Priscil36447240: This is so amazing 💙 When you press its stomach it plays my sons heartbeat recording from the ultrasound 👶💙 https://t.co/VGTCKRULhl
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Cant wait till next ultrasound 😍
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CASE standards for #sonographiceducation are released..so much work and time has gone into documenting the standard… https://t.co/cxwBJZPU6G
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/yZzsqTDKdt MY FIRST ULTRASOUND! *EMOTIONAL*
My ultrasound went good btw. I have to go to my dr at 4 to find out my results and if I need to get my gall bladder… https://t.co/Ys82f5PuNf
RT @KrystalthePone: So yes...I’m nervous and worried as fuck because @Artemiswinters2 is currently getting an ultrasound...and I don’t know what’s wrong...
So yes...I’m nervous and worried as fuck because @Artemiswinters2 is currently getting an ultrasound...and I don’t know what’s wrong...
Quantifying Lymph Nodes During Lymph Node Transplantation The Role of Intraoperative Ultrasound.: Quantifying lymph… https://t.co/5QmXHDYm2m
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Okay....idk what’s goin on but every time I go on insta, somebody posting a ultrasound pic.
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@Elii_TheKing send me the ultrasound pics please. text me.
Comparativa de la ecogenicidad de la musculatura de semimembranoso con infiltración grasa luego de desgarro muscula… https://t.co/SNuMFVO0sm
RT @bretpnelson: What is the scope of point of care critical cardiac ultrasound? @arntfield describes how we can impact patient care… https://t.co/FpbxPcPrCi
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anyway Rhodey and Tony have been in a steady loving relationship since MIT. Tony has met Mama Rhodes (he saved her… https://t.co/qdXtWKiAjH
RT @dr_chaku: 4. Doppler guided transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization:, ultrasound digunakan untuk kenalpasti aliran darah art… https://t.co/W68eglVHCa
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