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飲み物によく書いてあるのが 「砂糖不使用」とか「微糖」です この書き方だと、ダイエット中に飲んでもいい感じがしませが 案外そうでもないんです
RT @mmpadellan: Looks like folks are getting tired of being fed a steady diet of Fox FauxNews, coming in droves 2 @MSNBC. @maddow
This diet taking over my lifeeeeeeee
RT @WeAreGirICodes: me: omg i need to go on a diet also me 5 mins later:
RT @invalid: My new diet is looking at pics of my ex until I lose my appetite.
@modestproposal1 with the right mix of diet and exercise Trump could achieve a healthy BMI, but I'm not betting on that outcome either
Bitch we on the same boat I've been on a diet and exercising. A death sentence
thinking about trying that whole 30 diet 🤔
RT @365365diet: 【誘惑に負けそうな時の魔法の言葉】自分がやっていることには必ず結果が出る。良い方向にも悪い方向にも(`・ω・´)キリッ
RT @ohhewantstheP: me: omg i need to go on a diet also me 5 mins later:
RT @eleven8: you know what will change your vagina's taste & smell? changing your diet from McDonalds and Black & Milds to vegetables & water.
This diet is really killing me .. my roommate is violating that popeyes right now .. wish i could relate