In Sweden bus driver has T2D treated with low carb diet, comes off insulin, recovers his licence, returns to work.
RT @amornamat: พระเอกรูปหล่อและใจดี Marc Rodriguezโชว์ควยให้ดูฟรีๆ ในหนังเรื่อง diet of sex ชอบก็รีทวิต
@08_01_diet ☀️44.2㎏ 維持3日目。ホッと一息。けど0.1kgでも減らしていきたい〜
@Diet_0110c そこね〜笑 ちょっと交えてみた😝
RT @kthjjg: "i'll never go on a diet" "please support our beautiful, chubby faces" he's adorable!!!
RT @RealeFood: Vegan Diet For Beginners: 50 Delicious Recipes And Eight Weeks Of Diet Plans (Vegan and Vegetarian) (Volume 1)…
@AudreyTruschke @HuffPostIndia what's a Hindutva friendly diet? The zoo used to buy meat from ILLEGAL SLAUGHTER HOUSES. That's d issueMORON.
why is my mom always trying to fuck up my diet .
her diet is the most stereotypical american diet you can imagine its unreal
The reasons you may be craving sugar (and how to overcome it): #weightlossjourney #diet
RT @afiqaah: When you're eating and someone reminds you of your diet
RT @21N1NETY: Yes, I'm a flexitarian. And no, it's not a new, trendy diet I'm trying.
RT @FoodHeaIth: A colorful diet is a healthy diet, full of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants!
im about to go on a water diet because all food is gross to me 🤦🏼‍♀️
🎈昼ごはん🎈 *しゃけ玄米粥 *目玉焼き *ごぼうサラダ *ブロッコリーの鶏そぼろあん *ベビーチーズ *大葉キャベツ 今日は夜ごはんを16時半くらいにたべるから昼ごはんも早め〜😀👏🏻👏🏻 そんなお腹空いてなくて控えめ。 そぼろ…
@hii___diet ふぁぼありがとうございました(*^_^*)フォローさせていただきました♪
1ca, ddpk & program say diet sihat & im all ready for midsem break 😄
RT @thejacquio: Foolproof diet plan: Eat everything you hate
【空腹感を抑えるストレッチ】 ①座った姿勢のまま。足をやや広めに開いて背筋を伸ばす ②右の手で、左のひじをつかむ ③つかんだひじを体に寄せながら、体を右にひねる ④ひねった状態で10秒キープ 息は止めないでね ⑤左の手で右のひじをつかんで同様に ⑥左右交互に3回ずつ
Base Culture - Chocolate Espresso Muffins Gluten Free Certified, 100%... - #paleo #diet