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@SeanSheehanBA Imagine if McGregor came along around UFC 101 to fight that LW BJ? That BJ vs this McGregor would have broken UFC 100 PPV
@JESnowden @d_tay719 @jeremybotter UFC 101, if skills don't pay bills then try another version of yourself.
@DamonMartin A UFC 101 BJ vs McGregor now, UFC was pulling huge numbers back then, if you had McGregor then fight passes UFC 100 PPV buys.
UFC 101 was Lesnar Velasquez *
Been to two @ufc events. UFC 101 and UFC on Fox 5. When "baba o'riley" hits after prelims, gave me chills.
More fighters need to walkout to @GhostfaceKillah. @kennyflorian nailed it at UFC 101. https://t.co/7pWCXIJZ83 #wutang
@BriaunnaJader why do yu always pick the wrong fighters bri I need to teach yu ufc 101🙄🙄