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@blowticious See...now, I know you're trouble...
First, recognize your need for a new barber @stephenasmith. https://t.co/WWCjvY7nlR
"Y'all tell me...was I wrong for this?" *attach screenshot text thread*
@blowticious You snatching souls without even trying...what kind of conjure you carrying in your gait southern woman?
@cinnamonstrous That's the thing...the former I can definitely identify with, but you "expose" somebody you let in your life...? Yikes.
@Diokpa_Uche i only share cute/funny stuff. i never "expose" anyone.
RT @SC00WAP: Brothas What Are We Doing ? 🤦🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/fgldbdfUB9
Omm migos is so slept on
I can make it soft and easy...I can make it rough...either way, I'll remain a tactile memory the rest of your days.
RT @PrisonBReact: Breaking out is just the beginning 🔓 https://t.co/JHQOYnYCm8
Anytime you share your texts on the timeline...I...I don't understand.
Photoshop has refuse to Load! Maybe that's a sign. Uche, rest, Leave me alone. Me: let me watch you like this, Ph… https://t.co/AJt77gXNcd
@x256 なんかね4000円くらいで買ったやつ硬くならなかったんだよね 2個で1000円だったコストコ枕はガッッチガチだょ でも今朝は極寒すぎて両方ガッッチガチだょ オーダー枕欲しいまじで首が死んだ
@uche_chang 仕方ないですね。……はい、どうぞ つ「便秘薬」
@x256 低反発枕二個重ねて寝てるんだけど(えっ)片方はガッッチガチになることなかったのに、寒すぎてガッッチガチガッッチガチになってた……枕新しいの買おうかなって思いました。。。
@uche_chang 仕方ないですね。……はい、どうぞ つ「絆創膏」