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RT @Biologyatthe6th: To experience studying a #STEM subject at uni apply for summer schools like these: https://t.co/NVtArYTc5F Great for a UCAS application! 👩‍🔬
@Klapyy adivinha oq doido
atualização de acessos no meu perfil https://t.co/wBxCiYTOTw
seu perfil foi visto por 6 pessoas nas últimas 2 horas https://t.co/wBxCiYTOTw
Ucas live bill iconography benevolence enhancing gait prospects: NDqEkhOMY
RT @Nicokoziol: Que aburrimiento viejj 😔😔
Olha pra minha cara... parece de adivinha? Minha mãe acha
Esse simuladi amanhã :/ rapazzz
RT @latidosdelrock: Amo tu sonrisa y lo demás no me hace falta.
RT @NotadeVersos: Lo tienes todo para ser el amor de mi vida.
RT @QueFlashean: Nada más lindo que te digan "me haces bien".
RT @MayraLemosOk: No quiero escribirte, quiero verte.❤
RT @EvandroMinchil2: galera é tudo letra de musica aqui no meu tt, vem me dar trabai n
@Cai0_R0dri @Koue_ucas SAI DAI NÃO SOU IGUAL A VOCÊS.SEUS VERMES https://t.co/Tr8XH2vHRo
like i might genuinely leave this up to the magic 8 ball to decide my ucas choices for me bc im at THAT point now
55 days before my deadline n i still have absolutely NO idea what to put as my first n insurance choice in UCAS ://
RT @ucas_online: Received an offer from the #teachertraining provider you want but can't accept it? This will help https://t.co/B3A70uAzeg
RT @ucas_online: Get to grips with what happens after you've sent your #UCAS application in this handy flowchart https://t.co/brs7y5sjkR
RT @UCASProgress: Before you head to an interview check out our top ten tips to help you prepare! https://t.co/oBJHqk2dhr
RT @ucas_online: Applications for 2017 postgrad #teachertraining routes are open – here’s our guide to UCAS Teacher Training https://t.co/SabR94hzvP
RT @leicesterscitt: A good day of interviews, exciting tour of Rushey Mead & some more strong potential teachers UCAS L33 - Recruiting… https://t.co/RofACTWTwz