@wilw @ubuntu BTW, my Raspbian-running rpi also runs "aurora" which monitors my solar power PV array. Much more useful than hollywood!
【自動】未来への挑戦は疲れも伴います。疲れ切ってしまっているあなた。あなたの歩んできた過去の栄光も忘れないでね! https://t.co/jEeWNoWVSn
Guide(tutorial) in passage to ubuntu linux charting: LYAmaLa https://t.co/Y7wHcqhfpb
RT @thatcks: So this is what systemd and Ubuntu have brought us to: we're rebooting a server every few days as the only way to deal with a systemd issue.
RT @TheHackersNews: 5-Year-Old #Linux Kernel Local Privilege Escalation flaw has been discovered (Ubuntu, RedHat have released Patches)… https://t.co/au02jrWoaK
Installing R package gputools and cuda 8.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 https://t.co/5QViWTkSdx https://t.co/Y2Bk5YP67T
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @blogdiolinux https://t.co/QIuW09pYgs COMO CONFIGURAR DOIS MONITORES NO UBUNTU
@ubuntu_mate just installed..loving it so far
@n12o I use another monitor but I couldn't configure it with Ubuntu 16.04. It was a PITA to configure it before. ATI card...
What’s the top mobile platform? #Android #iOS #wp #ubuntu? Take the @DevEconomics and support your favourite! https://t.co/gOmSABc5uC
@lucasrowe sounds similar to Ubuntu but it doesn't translate to "didn't want to fuck with Debian"
Haven't got dishes washed, but did get Ubuntu on my new laptop. Guess I could close the lid and eat off that tomorrow...
Taxi drivers and residents help hit and run victim In a true act of kindness and in keeping up with the spirit of Ubuntu‚@Sowetan#teamwork
Today,the Ubuntu WiFi is not work.terrible!the driver is OK,but...
การแก้ปัญหาการแสดงผลภาษาไทยเมื่อรันโปรแกรม Windows ด้วย Wine บน Ubuntu https://t.co/5o7gWhy01m
Ubuntu Busgie メンバーに「見てみぬふりをする」と伝えたいのだけど、適切な英語が見つからないなぁ……
Seneng gue lihat yg pake Ubuntu beginj https://t.co/z8u0qQQSFa
RT @solardiz: CVE-2016-8655 Linux AF_PACKET race condition (local root). Found by Philip Pettersson. Exploit for Ubuntu tomorrow. https://t.co/8Wtpt64Rjh
RT @nixcraft: Linux kernel local root exploit existed since 2011. It was fixed today https://t.co/nWgUZ61qyd Ubuntu user can appl… https://t.co/8O4FYUUjAV
@videonauth thank you so much! ❤️ It's great to hear from you. How's Ubuntu chat going? I haven't been to SO chat for months.