[/r/#newsokur]Ubuntu Touch搭載スマホの新機種は当面無し コミュニティーによるポーティングが中心へ https://t.co/74PK8ZZLVv
Eu queria q todos os meus amigos sentissem o q eu sinto, quando eu vou pra alguma açao, ou reuniao do ubuntu
It's like waiting for child to born(probably not,but hypathrticly) #Ubuntu17.04 — Official Mascot Artwork Revealed https://t.co/HkQvED1w9e
@opensourceway @linuxquestions ...I would like to take part in this survey. I use Ubuntu but know very little about it. E-mail not username.
@GemOfMagic did install ubuntu on it however. One day 💭 I might own a "REAL" computer: one that actually works & is user friendly: umm, iMac
https://t.co/Ru8gljzX0L - Unity is a shell for GNOME designed by Canonical for Ubuntu. #linux_everyday
RT @digitalocean: Manually deploy a basic Symfony application on an #Ubuntu server with this tutorial: https://t.co/LV1ZGKHgn6 https://t.co/rAzWaTuMl4
Secrets to Innovative and #Scalable #VNF Deployments Using #Ubuntu a https://t.co/o0fXxDPY7n
How to Install PhantomJS 2.5 Beta on Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 LTS https://t.co/l6sIE7wrPa
Ubuntu é amor demais cara! Vem dia 26!!!! https://t.co/Jy8hsBWDIc
RT @ubuntu: Have you used our community tutorial? If so let us know what you think! https://t.co/ZcMHbCDDyO https://t.co/smZYuQUD6e
libsass bindings not found when using node-sass in nodejs #nodejs #ubuntu #npm #libsass #node-sass https://t.co/8FAawqvzN1
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もうちょっと詳しく書かれている記事。LiMux5のベースとなっていたUbuntu 12.04 LTSのサポートが切れますよと。ディストロは市よりも大きな単位で保守しつつ、要件を本家に反映しないと難しいよね / “ミュンヘン市のL…” https://t.co/63Uf6J34Ro
Convirtiendo Ubuntu 14.04 LTS i386 Desktop a Servidor https://t.co/4dzjshPeyZ #tuto
謎のuefiでのubuntu mateインストール失敗連続で睡眠不足...かと思ったが、思った以上に短時間睡眠に快眠で体が楽
@bonglez and the donations were impressive. We still have some elements of Ubuntu deep within us. Sikhothana amanxeba