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Yo so fckin precious when u smile 😜
u so fkn precs whn u smile :) — awh ♡ https://t.co/Vgju8fPw5x
riou u so fuckin precious when u smile
@ceejaycmtn haha i know you’re tired thats why im trying to make u smile hehe cheer up!! pagod lamang iyan si CJ ka!! 💪🏿
RT @AmparoBursoc: #FrancisAglabtinWalaNgIba WHEN U SMILE.. UR FACE.. UR LIPS THAT I MISS! @FrancisAglabtin @FrancisnaticsF… https://t.co/TTEGrFj0DR
moments when u smile for no reason srsly they’re one for the books ✋🏻 and tonight my smile just says it all 🤗💘ok skl hahahaha
Y’now, the comments like “u so precious when u smile<3” or “we 💜 you”. And then this was where the “good stuff” hap… https://t.co/GIjvMiM6w3
Be with someone who loves seeing u smile ❤💓
@baddestpaki awww glad I made u smile u beauty❤🤗 https://t.co/PC9UX2PIQX
Adore ur eyes , and the way u smile
goodnight i’m gonna pass out shjshdjs i honestly live to see u smile like this :D i rly hope u had the best day . t… https://t.co/1C7sAXwyYs
RT @carljameshung: seeing u smile, makes me happy already cutie
@nictitae_ AW AW AW im so glad they could make u smile
Enjoy little things as a beautiful facade, or that heart that makes u smile thinking her. en Livraria Lello https://t.co/EaHjKoAO1F
U smile constantly , how can i tell which smiles are mine
RT @MalabikaRoy6: @palakmuchhal3 What is the difference btwn Ur smile and my smile ? U smile when U R happy And I smile when U R hap… https://t.co/BPXaNHr3YZ
u so fucking precious when u smile 💘💓💕💞💗💖💝 https://t.co/VfcUiZvMiq
I tell when she makes u smile just from a picture
RT @_abdiii23: The way u smile really light up my world
The way u smile really light up my world
@BTS_twt Oh my love m so happy to see u smile I'm living only for this moment 😭😭 #JUNGKOOK tnq 4 that smile 💜💜💜💜
@softiejse excuse me u look so beautiful when u smile this is ART !!!!!!
its my duty to make u smile hire me today let me grace your event contact 0702062844
u so fucking precious when u SMILE
RT @char_dalessio: i want to see u smile, but I know that means i’ll have to leave