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Iran's defense budget, some $14 billion annually, is set to grow by at least a third as a result of the sanctions r… https://t.co/IHVL0g8jRo
RT @Thomas1774Paine: I no longer pay attention to what the Deep State's official newspaper says. What has been proven after all the NY T… https://t.co/sNY4XWSpyf
RT @AD_DeThemyscira: « L’équipe de france : ILS SONT FRANÇAIS ! » ❤️🇫🇷 By Obama ❤️https://t.co/s2IUdiZRnM
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RT @ozzyetomi: If my grandfather was Mandela, the only last names I can change to are: Obama, Martin Luther King (yes the full thi… https://t.co/VaTCYpy6zs
@Ange_Amene Yup they're back to blaming President Obama. I'm so sick of this shit when all wypipo especially white… https://t.co/jKEjJ2jBUE
RT @DJTsavesAmerica: Nearly all of Hillary Clinton's emails on her homebrew server went to a foreign entity that isn't Russia-In other w… https://t.co/F4xRRzAy8P
Obama "rebranding" himself as the new Nelson Madela! https://t.co/zeWvE305Qw
RT @PennyAnneSingl2: Disgraceful: Obama Visits Africans, Brags About How Rich He Is https://t.co/GoGVqxzZC2
RT @Kennymack1971: The Obamas are better than me because on 01/20/17 I'd have said "fuck all y'all" and bounced. The warnings were th… https://t.co/9tavuXg03M
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RT @keithboykin: Trump tell CBS News he doesn't "want to get into" whether or not Russian President Putin is lying, but he had no pr… https://t.co/SQtrMvDwMz
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@Goss30Goss @gngavon @marcorubio Her's the other thing, though: Russian agents were also working against Rubio's pr… https://t.co/f82nyvWa0H
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RT @powerglobalus: @K0RANlSBURNING BREAKING EXPLOSIVE NEWS: Mueller has requested a Judge Grant immunity to 5 individuals. If Podesta… https://t.co/SwMI3LDyEi
RT @msevereddin: Donald Trump is not fit to clean the toilets in Obama’s Presidential Library https://t.co/eNzmd9cAoy
RT @Thomas1774Paine: PUTIN: Hillary Clinton Pocketed $400 Million Illegal Contribution in Tax-Free Russian Money During 2016 Election https://t.co/5FyIBuVEbm
RT @hrtablaze: Obama: Killed thousands w/ drone strikes Trump: Says mean words Obama: Destroyed Syria Trump: Says mean words O… https://t.co/8tCjYSBLsu
@Comey Putin is more believable now than the FBI and the CIA- thanks to you @Comey and your homies Rosenstein, Muel… https://t.co/LtoqvpYFMZ
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