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RT @VonKloss: ** BREAKING ** BOMBSHELL: Obama Protected Hezbollah Drug and Human Trafficking Rings To Appease Iran https://t.co/2el9vPbXJl
RT @killmefam: *me n michelle @ my locker talking* *obama walks over *varsity 1st string quarterback* to my locker* Hey baby..U… https://t.co/I4e0mtyrXV
RT @1776Stonewall: Juan Williams says that the Peter Strzok/Lisa Page, and Bruce and Nellie Ohr texts and emails are an attempt by… https://t.co/i900uaJNqB
RT @Golfinggary52: #DeepState(#FBI/#DOJ/#DNC) 1 Gave #Hillary free pass 2 Bought fake #RussianDossier 3 Used Dossier to get FISA warra… https://t.co/xAXIVGVAH3
RT @cdrkerchner: Prominent Commentator: 'Obama Lied to the American People About Who He Is' - https://t.co/42QwgHJ6oE #dineshd'souza… https://t.co/Etk289RMRE
RT @rising_serpent: 28. Addendum: I have long held an unsubstantiated belief that the Imran Awan scandal is somehow connected to all of… https://t.co/XliT54nAmH
RT @CollinRugg: Joe Scarborough: Firing Robert Mueller ‘would start a constitutional crisis’ I guess Hillary lying to the FBI and… https://t.co/7bqp879xKt
RT @Imperator_Rex3: 11. Or providing the mullahs with $ billions in cash of taxpayer money, on wooden pallets, without consulting Congr… https://t.co/cnVLSW2Dzm
RT @CollinRugg: Joe Scarborough: Firing Robert Mueller ‘would start a constitutional crisis’ I guess Hillary lying to the FBI and… https://t.co/7bqp879xKt
RT @FiveRights: Hillary, With the same mouth you use to call Trump supporters "white supremacists," you kissed a KKK grand dragon o… https://t.co/Lq9Z2TBvmI
RT @SebGorka: I give you the Obama Administration. https://t.co/W3xEhQJaTs
RT @JudicialWatch: JW released new StateDept docs showing HillaryClinton & HumaAbedin were permitted to remove records w/ claim that t… https://t.co/cckoCRDhb6
RT @Welly_World: Hillary was right about one thing.. if Trump is elected, they are ALL screwed every which way but Sunday. 😳
@KimAlex45630657 @thinkprogress We will stop complaining about Trump when he resigns or is impeached. You are too r… https://t.co/fRaVTGb0gl
@FoxNews @DonaldJTrumpJr @DrDarrinPorcher I think it was done for 8 years against President Obama
RT @Scavino45: Obama’s head of Office of Government Ethics continues to taunt and threaten Trump Administration via Twitter by fil… https://t.co/tpboVxeUMs
RT @gatewaypundit: THIS IS HUGE --- @BarackObama Protected Terrorists! ...BOMBSHELL: Obama Protected Hezbollah Drug and Human Traffi… https://t.co/c9BSffvRjf
@Chicago1Ray @Trumpfan1995 You understand net neutrality has been around long before Obama, right..?
@NinaMorton @BreitbartNews That's Madonna dressed as Hillary Clinton with Clinton hair.
RT @GenRickDeMarco: WOW! Obama let Hezbollah off the hook to broker the failed #IranDeal Which allowed drugs(cocaine) in our country to… https://t.co/dsCiHIiu3W
RT @DLeonhardt: After we published a list of Trump's lies this summer, some of his supporters asked us to compare Trump to other pr… https://t.co/SCUsQLVBYB
RT @Elisa_freedom: @w_terrence Since accusations = guilty these days, then Hillary Clinton is guilty. Congress, where are you? You are… https://t.co/rtOrOLzfgX
RT @Brenda06135: BOMBSHELL Evidence How CIA Made Obama A US Citizen – DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!! https://t.co/sQN6MlmHVe via @Freedom_Daily
RT @DKatherine210: @thehill CleansIng,This has to happen to show all future generations, CRIME And going against our American values ,… https://t.co/fe8jvnCcmh