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@maggiepriceless Ahh it's flooding where I live right now
RT @fouseyTUBE: i have taken a vow of sobriety and no longer will drink or smoke or do any drugs. choosing to live clean for the long haul. 🙌🏻
RT @SkySportsBoxing: HUGE ARRIVAL: Welcome to #JoshuaMolina @Klitschko. This has just cranked up a notch. BLOG: https://t.co/60Q4vgg1MT https://t.co/MS2O2OXRya
Ariana Grande Most Requested Live Interactive Chat with Romeo ‌‌ - AskAn... https://t.co/7M1wMFVi6U
RT @BostonsBigFour: LeGarrette Blount just interrupted Demar Derozen's interview and said "I fuck witchu bro" on live television https://t.co/FivPH1LH3E
Soccer fans can watch the MLS Cup live in VR tonight - https://t.co/bpQOwwuLBw... https://t.co/4OOYvdWgAY
⚡️ “GLORY Collision 36 Live Streaming 2016” https://t.co/ZMTPf0Ysga
RT @CoachMongero: 3 things you must battle in baseball. The opponent, the game & yourself. So make sure your worst enemy doesn't live… https://t.co/dZGzigmdov
RT @FlirtingIy: I cant wait to live in a cute apartment with my significant other & cook every night & cuddle & shower together & have a cute routine
RT @brandongroeny: We live in a generation of emotionally weak people. Everything has to be watered down because it's "offensive." Including the truth.
@SenSanders @DWP <25, it's £6.50 ($8.17). As lifetime disabled, I want to see people like me receive £ we can live on but they take £ off us
RT @XboxIE_Official: Day 1 of our 12 Days of Xbox: RT for your chance to win a 3-month Xbox Live Gold with a copy of #Minecraft Favorite… https://t.co/ErY3fPmGLL
RT @BBCSport: Apologies, we've had word from ringside that AJ will be in the ring around 23:15 GMT. Plenty of great action here… https://t.co/qxcWRvoGh7
RT @AnaSFel1: Apply to all human beings We now live with our collective Karma. We must heal trust forgive and stand together agai… https://t.co/zZpzZ6HGwU
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/7CHtXqMqI0 I'm Wary About the Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Movie
RT @KashmirLobby: Being part of civilised world its obligation for all of us to let others live according to their values freely #Kashmir #Standup4HumanRights
RT @WWE_Fanses: John Cena estará esta noche en el programa de comedia, Saturday Night Live. #CenaOnSNL [@nbcsnl] https://t.co/9INmxD184e
I'm on Krue doing a live Performance. Come check it out! https://t.co/rWLNDGGQh1 #Pop
RT @StrifeMagazine: We're giving away a Blurryface Live Vinyl! Check how you can participate right here: https://t.co/cIpKL7NxhR https://t.co/o1SvSjjoXZ
RT @FOX10Phoenix: LIVE NOW: 20 people wounded following explosion outside a stadium in Istanbul, Turkey https://t.co/O0zDTkQmK0 https://t.co/NCSlSypRLH
RT @zaynxgoals: ❝I don't wanna live forever lyrics Lock-screen❞ RT if you saved it. Please be honest! #MtvStarsZayn https://t.co/V3uiED6Azs