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@sbunting180 @Tyson_Fury @lovethedarts fight him you nonce, Peter Griffin would never shy away from a fight!
How does a guy go from getting ko'd by Tyson griffin and getting his jaw broken by guida to eating all of pettis's best shots head kick even
team with blake griffin, Gavin young, jackson wells, james harden,tyson chandler, and Russell westbrook
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joshua is the english mike tyson
@FrankieEdgar Great fight sir. Watching from Wyoming. Been watching since Tyson Griffin.
Frankie Edgar is such a fun fighter. Part of the reason I watch as much MMA as I do is because of his fight with Tyson Griffin 8 years ago
Been a bigEdgar fan since the Tyson griffin fight in 07. #tuffinale
team with jerry lucas, james harden,tyson chandler, blake griffin, scooby doo, and chris paul
Oh n Blake 'Tyson' Griffin earned his black card back thuggin Taj Gibson. Took that boy head off smh. Didnt know he had that in him #nba
The thing is, with a name like 'Tyson Fury', you actually end up sounding like a hardcore gay porn star.
@QB_Hitman I betted against Edger twice against BJ, twice, twice against Maynard, against Tyson Griffin, against Sean Sherk smh
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