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you're so gay and u don't even like boys @wwwbigbaldhead
RT @yuteesonyu: คำว่า gay แปลว่า a homosexual male or female คือ คู่ชายชาย คู่หญิงหญิง เรียกว่า gay ได้ทั้งนั้น ไม่ใช่เฉพาะคู่ชายชายนะ
i read an article of a dude complaining/explaining abt how grindr ruined the queer community & gay bar culture but now i cant find it
RT @BeBeZaharaBenet: When someone tries to defend @POTUS in front of you, knowing you're an openly gay immigrant with common sense... https://t.co/9KD5RerUoh
Oh my #Malec "epic interracial gay romance" "historic and world-changing" Praying for #ShadowhuntersSeason3 & #MalecWedding series finale 🙏🏼
RT @CharlyDiaz69: 🎥XXX Para mamadas este #boytoy universitario,de los culos más ricos y boca tibia mamadora.💦💦 @depravado_gay… https://t.co/2nz4vDSj8G
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Nesse bbb18 quero gay, adoro as gay
F***ing Cry about a GAY character in Beauty and the Beast. #LGBT #gay #BeautyAndTheBeast #vlog https://t.co/tf00KSMPL9
@ColeLedford11 you need to come hang out with my pretty & polite gay guy friends in Toronto!
Powerful stories & panel w first gay character-Reggie-portrayed in MTV Shuga acted brilliantly by @GivenStuurmanhttps://t.co/rgizzUXlpi
RT @MADBLACKTHOT: Me trying to understand white gay republicans until I realize they put their whiteness before any other facet of th… https://t.co/2gaF3ULtXu
RT @faisalalmutar: Not joining a murderous, religiously fundamentalist, yazidi raping, gay beheading terrorist organization is what I… https://t.co/W4h0JQs93w
会津大学 掘られる gay AIDS エホバ 強姦 レイプ ウィルス 地下牢獄 会津大学 サティアン トンスル サリン VXガス 集団自決 マインドコントロール ロシア
My gay ass is tingling
RT @Tribute2Playboy: With a cowgirl hat on awesome Cybergirl @GiaRameyGay reveals her nude curves https://t.co/GBPhNNLwcn https://t.co/hvfzcbl6kf