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Uzaylılar, insanların farklı dilleri ve kültürleri olduğunu, bu yüzden birbirlerini öldürdüklerini öğrendiklerinde… https://t.co/EI3u0Pgv6e
🎤MV🎤👍 MC TYSON 【Bling Bling Girl feat. SHADY(from TAKING OVER)】https://t.co/QdiqyY0P5Z NOBB TAKAMI #HIPHOP meets… https://t.co/GCxeiAYqgI
@Michael16314401 @Tyson_Fury @WBCBoxing Boxing is about hitting and not getting hit .. Not just getting in the ring… https://t.co/ftSOT8mBfY
@thebadjelly @MattTarrant To be honest with you Matty, Brian actually reminds me a lot of Tyson. A disarming sense… https://t.co/hLEUVPSRw4
@ConstantinD64 @BronzeBomber @Tyson_Fury 😂 joke. Imagine thinking AJ wasn’t running the whole division.
Im scared for the carter 5. I don’t wanna watch tyson box either.
There is no way I can stop reading. Not possible—Sort of like not being able to enjoy Neil DeGrasse Tyson's express… https://t.co/BBLnhy1jYN
Universal Basic Income or Universal Living Wage? by Laura Tyson, et al @ProSyn https://t.co/p8PnFfOwsP
RT @EditinKing: Throwback to Tyson Fury’s epic call out of David Price & Tony Bellew 🤣 https://t.co/4dA5MH8Jwj
@RaZaBack2012 Why not use same model as last year? Like tyson kidd last few yrs always bn the same
@brokemalonee @DrayBurgandy That was cool when you were yelling, "Full Mount, mofo!" You could probably fight Mike Tyson.
RT @ant_davies88: @Tyson_Fury @WBCBoxing Your gonna get sparked out, your not ready yet, wilder and AJ both KO you, after a long lay… https://t.co/Nltt3Mp80h
RT @Zowz_11: سبحان الله ، و الحمد لله ، و لا إله إلا الله ، و الله أكبر ولا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله، أستغفر الله الذي لا إله إلا ه… https://t.co/pTn4XP375I
@Tyson_Fury @BronzeBomber When is this matchup date and venue going to be announced?
@ant_davies88 @Tyson_Fury @WBCBoxing Shut up u tubby little twat. Stick to combing your hair into a parting https://t.co/5J4zisIv3F
RT @joshrogin: Hillary to @maddow: "I don't know whether Trump is a witting or unwitting tool of Putin. I don't know that. But it'… https://t.co/KYOTdLhoBS
RT @hopeland_asoc: Tyson está buscando un hogar. ¿Nos ayudas a encontrarle uno? https://t.co/miXHNiUZ6S
RT @niklasgv: "No puedes escoger lo que es cierto y lo que no lo es", dice el físico Neil deGrasse Tyson.
🥊 WBC Heavyweight Title Fight 🥊 BET £10 GET £30 in #FreeBets by backing Tyson Fury #888Sport ➡️… https://t.co/9bGq3K9ymD