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RT @sydney_brouse: stopped getting sad when I looked back at old pics when I finally realized the people in them aren't the same anymore
RT @artdrianalima: this iconic outfit worn by Tyra Banks in 1998. https://t.co/1r0Pj1E7PF
RT @xkat1017: im always sleepy, idk why.
RT @LelakiJelita: Bukan senang sebenarnya nak kekalkan relationship bertahun tahun ni. Sebab banyak halangan dan situasi kita harus tempuhi. RT kalau betul
Tyra and Rod always waking me up
@Tyra_M_2 🚶🏾....... 👈🏾*you*
@BreeLashay__ be ready to make me a blast 😂
RT @ShashaAbbas: Pray because Allah always listen. #prayforHSA
RT @QueenJohnson___: You can't grow old with a guy who refuses to grow up 🙊😊
RT @YooItsMikey_: Yall broads gotta chill with the color contacts aint foolin nobody its 2016 yall out here lookin foolish
RT @Zikeyiaaa: you're never the only person sb fw 😏💯
RT @BTS_twt: 오늘도 1위 감사합니다 와주시고 응원해주신 아미 고마워요 #JIMIN #우리아미상받았네 #😍 https://t.co/udCxRlOfmi
RT @bed_peace_: I'm beyond stubborn so if you can't handle it then Byeeeeee 😪
RT @GirIsDreams: These shadows are perfect for fall https://t.co/7iexrv31ds
Going to see ma today at work @BreeLashay__ 🙋🏾
@tyraphine Meine Freundin meinte das Gustav (der Papagei bei DKCTR) "Polly" heißt :D
RT @goota2timez: y'all beefing over niggas? Can't relate
RT @onlyyyzi: Not press to talk to nobody 💯
RT @xbvsicc: i want a puppy husky so bad 😩