Typical Germans

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Female characters: typical Germans? @ulenze tour in India made her reconsider her own “being German". Read more at https://t.co/rAbnJtQy2Q
@tastefactory typical germans, get some weissbier
@Lyndzzz Typical Germans (can I say that?) 🙈 lol
Typical Germans, heading in the right direction, but slightly off path. Bit like their government cloud standards https://t.co/uvaMwh2zFC
Typical Germans
Wolfsburg players surrounded the referee even for a smallest foul typical Germans!!!! #mufc #ggmu
Typical Germans. Never giving up. Score immediately after the own goal. LVG's face looks like a battered boxer now :D
Mata was offside, but it wouldn't have been given if the players hadn't swarmed the linesman. Fergie: "Typical Germans." #mufc
"Everyone sprinted towards the referee – typical Germans" - Ferguson 5 lat temu. Historia lubi się powtarzać.
typical Germans forcing their views on others
Typical Germans as sir Alex once said!
Typical Germans always get the bullshit decisions! Goal should had stood! Come on United #mufc #ucl 🔴
Somewhere, Fergie is sat muttering 'typical Germans' to himself https://t.co/MNPsO262VT
@paddypower Typical Germans getting what they want every time.. Refs are scared of German teams I swear..
@ManUnited_Hub typical Germans as sir Alex said
@JesperForest The "Typical Germans" talk.
Typical Germans