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If you're having a bad day, DON'T come to a theme park & make the workers lives more miserable. Thanks!!
Rollins Tess Sailor-Tynes at the #SSCxc championship Saturday morning #TARnation https://t.co/ofGe1YtTJP
RT @____lavish: When bae ain't text you all day but then you get that I miss you text https://t.co/8sg9rNcRkQ
RT @meanpIastic: When you supposed to be in the shower but the person you texting too interesting & twitter keep getting better https://t.co/rDrYjweZuG
I'm pissed I couldn't be at that game tonight
@JD__RAPPER happy birthday Joe-nay-ton 😅
@_denetria 😂😂😂 ok 👌
I'm more in touch with God than anyone at your church, even the pastors and reverends.
RT @Rob_Woodson: Black parents never helped with homework they just repeated the question on the paper louder and louder 😂 then be like go get my belt 😪
RT @__brx: Everybody or just us still? https://t.co/h46isR6XcD
Another sgt fumble - Matt Tynes recovers for Saint Mark's. 0-0 5:47 1st #delhs
RT @GFEnsemble: We're off to @UoYConcerts on Wednesday with string 4-tet, clarinet, @langhamresearch + the wonderful metal tynes… https://t.co/g7mo0wFEY8
RT @Twitch: Us during the Twitter outage this morning. https://t.co/mSKdKfXz9h
RT @CTF_Grains: How hard is it 2 pull tynes through trafficked or non trafficked soil? In partnership with @usq we are finding out! https://t.co/3oKpV6tsHA