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@felicity_awaits tyler reks 타일러 렉스요!! 일부러 특이한 선수들만 뽑아왔어요 호호보람잇오 ^^*
@MrGMSI_BCage your show idea for travel channel, well forget travel channel what you can do is film it yourself an… https://t.co/I1eTrAO1Rm
@JoeyRyanOnline but @JoeyRyanOnline your a maineventer you need to main event every show
RT @UTTRob: Are you a wrestling fan? ✔ Do you want more followers? ✔ Do you follow back? ✔ Promise you're not a bot or catfi… https://t.co/vhKUWdDVw1
@ReksRiot13 @TheHorrorKingVM Good call. If Tyler Reks cosplayed as Vinnie.
@TheKevinfinity Whatever happened to Tyler Reks?!? I hope he is well
@IAmDariaQuinn Yes, but he used to be Zack Ryder's twin brother and the tag team partner of Tyler Reks, in an amazingly underutilized team.
@Nicole9volt I know im just being silly. Its what I do on here..lol...But Honestly I was kinda disappointed this wasn't Tyler Reks😉
@Nicole9volt Shes dating Tyler Reks??
RT @PWEshows: Pro wrestling community, please retweet and let’s get the word out to the cosmos about October 7th in Philly! The q… https://t.co/hks4ivP6ZM
@TheCurtHawkins , you were such a great wrestler when Tyler Reks and you were a tag team, what happened?! 🤔 there’s… https://t.co/5bFMIudEaQ
@ShootNameJustin But he would probably do his Burning Hammer Tyler Reks-style.
@thechrisdenker hi when I get wwe 2k19 I’m making ether Tyler Reks or Maven for my career. Can you make someone oth… https://t.co/wOMCRxSFHU
@SuperKingofBros You won’t out last Tyler Reks kid. 😂😂 you’ll become a jobber to get the real talent over. You will… https://t.co/HCzUnRbKNO
RT @Sebyoyo59: @Kev6469 On dirait Tyler Reks 😂😂😂
@Justin_SofOK not since Tyler Reks has a career changed the biz so much
All I'm saying is that when that show with avan and tyler being boyfriends comes out, st*reks and other fetishizers… https://t.co/rQSoosnDCO
RT @JackKorpela: Great to see my friend @GabeTuft . When I announced for @WWE he was the “Dreadlock Demolition Man” Tyler Reks. Now… https://t.co/HhWULzauu0
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/JvRqShBOLw WWE Superstars: Curt Hawkins vs. Tyler Reks
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/JvRqShBOLw WWE Superstars: Curt Hawkins vs. Tyler Reks
I thought I fought Tyler Reks in the G1. Turns out there's some guy named CJ Parker.